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Bunions Shoes

It is hard to describe the pain of bunions to those who have never suffered from them. Bunions are always present. That means the more time you spend on your feet, the greater the pain. But there are solutions such as Orthofeet shoes that are specifically designed to reduce foot pain with orthotics and extra depth.

Orthofeet shoes are engineered to alleviate foot pain and discomfort caused by bunions:

  • Orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support position the foot properly, reducing the bulging effect of bunions
  • Soft, non-binding upper eases pressure on the bunions
  • Seam-free, soft interior with extra foam padding eases pressure on the foot, and enhances comfort
  • Extra depth design offers a relaxed fit and ample room for toe motion
  • Light-weight soles with Ergonomic-Stride™ design soften step, facilitating foot motion, and alleviating stress on joints


Orthofeet’s Ortho-CushionTM is engineered with unique comfort features:

1. Contoured orthotic insole with anatomical arch support.
2. Gel padding under the heel.
3. Ergonomic sole with air cushioning.


1. Soften every step you take.
2. Reduces pressure under the heel.
3. Adds spring to your step.
4. Works wonders to alleviate heel pain & plantar fasciitis.

Orthofeet orthotic shoes have proven to help millions of users improve mobility & enhance comfort from heel to toe.

Bristol - White

80 reviews

Verve - Fuchsia

79 reviews

Verve - Turquoise

136 reviews

Tahoe - Pink

131 reviews

Tahoe - White

185 reviews

Whitney - White

113 reviews

Whitney - Black

39 reviews

Sierra - White

45 reviews

Tahoe - Black

46 reviews

Sprint - Gray

121 reviews

Sprint - Blue

104 reviews

Monterey Bay - White

174 reviews

Monterey Bay - Black

113 reviews

Ventura - White

49 reviews

Ventura - Black

25 reviews

Stride - Black

8 reviews

Coral - Turquoise

9 reviews

Coral - Gray

12 reviews

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