Orthofeet orthotic shoes feature premium orthotic insoles and ergonomic soles that help reduce Achilles Tendon pain. The soft, padded collar and the Ortho-Cushion® System help relieve Achilles heel pain, Achilles tendon pain, Back of heel pain, Achilles tendon rupture, and Torn Achilles.
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Orthofeet shoes are biomechanically engineered with innovative features that enhance comfort and help alleviate Achilles Tendon pain:

  • Premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support help correct over-pronation and reduce strain on the tendon.
  • Ergonomic sole design with air cushioning and heel lift softens every step you take and reduces tension on the Achilles Tendon.
  • Soft collar padded with foam reduces friction and irritation at the back of the heel.


" Walking on Air. I wish I had known about these shoes a long time ago. I have bone spurs in the Achilles tendon area, so the extra cushion and support these shoes provide are amazing. In the week I have been wearing them the pain has been significantly reduced when I walk, allowing me to walk more often and for longer distances."
-- Thomas Brothers

" Life saver!!!! I had Achilles' tendon surgery last year and have had problems with my feet for 2 years since my injury. These shoes are worth the money!!! I was skeptical, but my mind is at ease as much as my feet are now thanks to these shoes :) very happy customer here!!"
-- Paul D. Wiles

"…went on vacation where I needed to do a great deal of walking. Without any break-in, the sandals were comfortable and supported my feet and Achilles tendon issues in an amazing manner."
-- Jim H.

"Between knee replacement and a bad Achilles on the same leg, these shoes have been a God sent."
-- Rita Wohlers

" Excellent arch support and padding for injured Achilles tendon. Well-made and I bought a second pair."
-- John Schreiber

"I was thrilled with these shoes. They offer support, while letting my feet be comfortable. I have flat feet, Tailor’s bunion, past Achilles’ tendon repair, and balance problem. Good bye New Balance, OrthoFeet has gained a new customer."
-- JCarolyn Hendrickson

"I have had my sandals for about a month and love wearing them. I have a partially torn Achilles tendon and they are wonderful for the pain. I could tell an instant difference. I highly recommend them to anyone."
-- Richard Dill

" Excellent shoes! I wore them and went straight out on a hike and they felt perfect! Soft, yet sturdy and excellent support. I developed Achilles tendonitis problems on both feet in May 2016 and with wearing the Orthofeet shoes and slippers I am no longer in pain. Having tried many US and European brands I find that Orthofeet are the best - and best priced for the use."
-- Loukia Tsapari

Orthofeet shoes are specially designed with therapeutic features to help the following conditions: Sore Achilles tendon, Achilles tendon tear, Insertional Achilles tendonitis, Calcaneal tendon, Sore Achilles, Tight Achilles tendon, Tendonitis heel, Achilles strain, Achilles tendinopathy, Foot tendon pain, Achilles tear, Achilles tendinosis, Torn Achilles tendon, and Swollen Achilles tendon.

innovative ortho-cushion™ system

Cushioning Sole with Air Pockets


Advanced Orthotic Insole

the ultimate comfort & pain relief

Oakridge - Black

13 reviews

Athens - Beige

20 reviews

Athens - Blue

25 reviews

Chattanooga - Black

369 reviews

Chattanooga - Gray

132 reviews

Chattanooga - Red

178 reviews

Bristol - White

131 reviews

Verve - Fuchsia

158 reviews

Verve - Turquoise

294 reviews

Tahoe - Pink

302 reviews

Tahoe - White

498 reviews

Chelsea Croc - Black

96 reviews

Chelsea - Black

162 reviews

Celina - Black

195 reviews

Breeze - Stretchable

166 reviews

Whitney - White

267 reviews

Whitney - Black

103 reviews

Lake Charles - Black

134 reviews

Acadia - Black

69 reviews

Charlotte - Brown

745 reviews

Tahoe - Black

192 reviews

Ventura - White

88 reviews

Ventura - Black

67 reviews

Gramercy - Brown

109 reviews

Gramercy - Black

265 reviews

Lincoln Center - Black

126 reviews

Avery Island - Black

343 reviews

Avery Island - Brown

165 reviews

Carnegie Two Way Strap

131 reviews

Bismarck - Stretchable

171 reviews

Asheville - Brown

585 reviews

Highline - Black

151 reviews

Glacier Gorge - Black

150 reviews

Highline - Brown

158 reviews

Serene – Black

101 reviews

Serene – Tan

100 reviews

Tuscany - Brown

112 reviews

Baton Rouge - Sand

123 reviews

Capri - Camel

117 reviews

Florence - Camel

99 reviews

Coral-Gray Stretchable

340 reviews

Milano - Black

34 reviews

Tivoli - Black

15 reviews

Sonoma - Brown

35 reviews

Maya - Red 2" Heels

2 reviews

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