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Best Diabetic Shoes

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Orthofeet diabetic shoes are bio-mechanically engineered with unique therapeutic features that accommodate for swelling, enhance comfort and provide excellent protection against irritation of the skin:

  • Non-binding uppers with stretch;
  • Soft, seam free interior;
  • Extra-depth design with a wide toe-box;
  • Premium orthotic insoles;
  • Ergonomic cushioning soles.

Upgrade to the most comfortable diabetic shoes: 
Walk Comfortably & Pain Free or Your Money Back!

Customer Review:

"This was the second style of shoe I ordered from OrthoFeet. It is as well made and comfortable as the first style I ordered. I am diabetic and have Charcot and have been wearing custom made shoes. OrthoFeet is my new go to for shoes."
-- Anthony Monaco

Joelle Stretchable

$99.96 $124.95

Quincy Stretchable

$99.96 $124.95


$95.96 $119.95


$95.96 $119.95


$103.96 $129.95


$71.96 $89.95

Avery Island

$108.76 $135.95

Avery Island

$108.76 $135.95

Baton Rouge Tie-Less

$108.76 $135.95

Bismarck Stretchable

$99.96 $124.95

Breeze Stretchable

$99.96 $124.95


$99.96 $124.95
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More Info on Diabetes Causes & Treatment :

Diabetes is a medical condition that occurs when the body cannot regulate the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood. There are two classifications of diabetes: Type 1, which usually appears before the age of 30, and Type 2, which usually occurs in adulthood and is therefore referred to as adult onset diabetes.

How are diabetic feet treated?

Fortunately, most diabetic foot problems can be prevented and treated by wearing diabetic shoes that are specially designed to protect diabetic feet, such as diabetic shoes, as well as socks for diabetes, and by following a proper foot care routine. A good foot care regimen includes washing your feet daily, protecting your feet from temperature extremes, staying active, checking your feet regularly, and wearing protective diabetic shoes and specially designed diabetic socks such as bamboo diabetic socks that have a loose, non-constricting and seamless design.

Where to buy the best diabetic shoes?

At Orthofeet we carry a wide variety of diabetic socks, diabetic shoes and diabetic insoles. Our bio-medical engineers have created diabetic footwear with unique bio-mechanical features that provide the ultimate comfort and protection. That’s why Orthofeet is the ultimate store for diabetic footwear, whether you are looking for diabetic walking shoes, diabetic athletic shoes, diabetic casual shoes and boots, or other types of shoes for diabetes. Orthofeet shoes are c ertified by Medicare and qualified as therapeutic shoes under code A5500 of the Diabetic Shoe Bill.



The shoes shipped super quick. It is my 4th pair of Orthofeet. They fit great for someone with diabetes.
-- Donald Prince: Great shoes

I bought these shoes for my husband. He's diabetic and have flat feet. We tried other name brand gym shoes but his feet would hurt after 30 minutes of walking. These shoes are comfortable and he can walk all day pain free.
-- Beverly Stevens: The perfect shoe

Love these shoes. I have diabetes and a bad back. Wasn't sure these shoes would work. But they have made a big difference in my life.
-- Marlene Kopplin : The best shoe I have ever owned.

I ordered these and a pair of tennis shoes for my husband after research ...for months Excellent...his feet don't hurt, diabetic toes don't hurt and he is walking straight up/down not on the side of his shoe...would recommend the look and light weight.
-- Tom Gonyer

I purchased the sneakers for my husband who is diabetic. He said they are the most comfortable sneaker’s he’s ever worn.
-- Rossi :If d give a rating of 10 if it was offered.

I purchased these as I have diabetes and my feet hurt when I stand a lot. These really help. wonderful purchase.
-- Susan Mundell: Wonderfully comfortable shoes

As a massage therapist and diabetic I am always looking for good foot comfort. This shoe, just as all my previous OrthoFeet purchases fits the bill. The socks are great too.
-- Thomas Honn: Great shoe