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  • Flexible & stretchable uppers Contours every bump & curve for a pressure-free & custom fit.
  • Extra depth & wide toe box Offers a relaxed fit for bunions, wide or swollen feet.
  • Anatomical arch support Improves alignment & controls overpronation. Adjustable with included Arch Booster.*
  • Seam-free, soft padded interiors Gently protects sensitive feet from irritation & injury.
  • Ergonomic cushioning sole Mild rocker design absorbs shock & propels foot forward
Comfort for Customers

"I went through foot pain for years. I figured it was something I’d have to live with. After the first day wearing these the pain was virtually gone. After the first week the pain is completely gone!"

Robert M. on Yari Hands-Free - Black

"My feet hurt like you can’t even imagine. I have peripheral neuropathy, severe nerve damage, a torn ligament (which I refuse to have surgery on) and my left foot is splitting between my toes. Plus two hammer toes. These shoes are the closest thing to heaven I’ve ever found. The padding behind the straps were such a wonderful idea. Everything about these shoes are perfection. No matter what your pain issues are, these shoes will make your life so much easier."

Shelly S. on Malibu Two Way Strap - Brown

"Love my blue Coral Stretch Knit sneakers. Fit is great, so supportive, no foot pain. Can wear them all day with confidence that my feet are in great care."

Susan C. on Coral Stretch Knit - Blue

"These are amazing! I am recovering from Achilles Tendonitis and I needed both heel cushion and open back. These not only meet those objectives but they also look great!"

Campion J. on Hudson Stretch Knit - Black

"I bought these shoes because I have bone spurs on my heels that are hitting my achilles tendon. I tried the Coral Sandy from Orthofeet and loved them from day one. They are so comfortable and my heels are still healing but the shoes feel amazing. Day one I thought , other shoes, you have to wear them in, but not these. They felt so good on day one and will continue to purchase shoes from Orthofeet. My foot doctor also recommended them."

Cate J. on Coral - Sandy

"After enduring both plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis, I can confidently say that these slippers are wonderful! So comfortable that I can do household chores all day without any foot discomfort."

Deb J. on Capri - Camel

"Best boots I've ever had. I have arthritis in the ankles, knees, and a pinched nerve in the left ankle. Didn't have any pain at all!! Hiked all day for several days at Yellowstone and had no pain what so ever!!!!"

Tonia P. on Dakota - Blue

"I was recently diagnosed with foot arthritis and it was a huge bummer, because I work outdoors and am on my feet constantly, and taking long walks is also my favorite way to decompress. Walking has obviously become painful… but not in these boots! There’s the perfect amount of room for my toes in the wide toe box and the support of the shoe is amazing. These boots are the comfiest shoes I’ve ever owned, and even better, they are waterproof and are cute enough to be worn with a casual outfit and not just on a walk/hike! Thank you so much, Orthofeet!"

Mikayla B.

"I love these shoes! I’m on my feet all day long at the hospital. These shoes help me walk pain free having Rheumatoid Arthritis it’s hard to find shoes that fit and comfortable. This is my 3rd pair I’ve bought from Orthofeet!!"

Scott B. on Lincoln Center - Black

"Finally, after years of searching for a comfortable shoe, this is it. I have had sport injury with badly recovered surgeries which caused a bunion on my left foot. This made it difficult to find comfortable fitting shoes. I bought this for a trip knowing I will be walking a lot. It was amazing after walking all day, my feet were not in pain. I never buy shoes on the internet and was surprised that this shoe fits to exact size. The lavender color is muted, which is perfect. I love this brand so much I am looking to buy a hiking boot for the mountain trails. Definitely recommend it."

Attiana C. on Coral Stretch Knit - Lavender

"My feet kill me after working ten hours shifts mostly standing. These boots are amazing. They are the perfect width. They don't push in on my bunion. Love the box toe design. Plenty of room. I wish I could wear them even when I'm not working. They are more comfortable than my tennis shoes. I've looked for years and wasted hundreds of dollars trying to find a work boot that gives me some relief. Thank you!!"

Brandon J. on Granite Work Boots - Black

"Having a wide foot with bunions has limited me on the shoes and sandals I can wear. With these wonderfully comfortable sandals, I can walk all day without discomfort or pain. Since I often wear them when playing frisbee with my dog, they do get dusty, but they clean up easily with a wet cloth. These have become my go to footwear! Orthofeet - where have you been all my life! :-)"

Shelly S. on Laguna Stretch Knit - Blue

"After I was diagnosed with diabetes and neuropathy I tried a pair of the work boots, and loved them. I recently bought a pair of the Ryder and cannot say how much they have helped. Both pairs of Orthofeet that I own are great. Highly recommend this brand to anyone suffering from foot pain."

James W. on Ryder - Brown

"I am so happy with my new Yari sneakers!!! I have extremely arthritic hips with pain most of the time. Now with Yari the pain is greatly reduced to even gone at times. I also have diabetes with my one arch so bad can’t sleep at night most of the time. Now with my add arch support the PAIN IS GONE!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much! I have now recommended 3 of my friends and they have ordered the same ones."

Louis L. on Yari Hands-Free - Black

"I bought these for my son-in-law who has diabetes. He just loves these. He says they are super "comfy cozy". After working all day on his feet, he loves coming home to these slippers. In fact, he says these are the BEST slippers I've ever bought him. (I tend to buy slippers as holiday gifts.) I'll absolutely buy these again for him, when they wear out."

Lydia O. on Tuscany - Brown

"I have been having so many problems with my feet, from arthritis pain in big toe from bunion surgery many years ago, flat feet and swollen feet. Thanks to Ortho Feet, I am able to walk without pain for the first time in over a year. I will be ordering more soon. Love, Love, Love. Thank you!"

Janet H. on Venice - Bone

"I've tried many pairs of shoes to use for working in retail walking around all day on concrete. These shoes are by far the best over the others. At the end of the work day, I usually have really bad back and knee issues. Now I don't nearly have as much pain as with previous shoes. When I was younger, I usually bought the cheapest shoes and now my 50 year old body is paying for it. If you think that these shoes might be a little pricey, they are worth it! I have narrow, flat feet and I use all of the supplied inserts."

Richard M. on Edgewater Stretch - Black

"I have very, very flat feet. Having had great success with several other styles of Orthofeet shoes, I decided to give these a try. Wow! At last, after all these years, I can comfortably wear sandals, all day long, and with no discomfort. A lot of thought seems to have gone into every detail. They are easy to adjust, easy to put on and remove but stay firmly in place. And they look great! Based on my past experience with Orthofeet shoes, I expect many years of great service out of these sandals. Highly recommended!"

Dobbin C. on Gemini - Brown