Metatarsalgia Shoes

Therapeutic design offers the best shoes for metatarsalgia and ball of the foot pain

  • Orthofeet metatarsalgia shoes feature advanced orthotic insoles that provide anatomical arch support that properly align the foot, reducing pressure on the metatarsal heads and ball of the foot.
  • Multi-layer padding and cushioning midsole absorb shock forces and provide pressure relief at the ball of the foot.
  • The ergonomic sole in these shoes for metatarsalgia is engineered with a mild Rocker Bottom, designed to evenly distribute the weight under the foot, easing pressure on the ball of the foot.
  • Orthofeet offers unique metatarsal shoes and shoes for ball of foot pain are offered in a variety of styles from dress shoes to boots and sandals.

Coral Stretch Knit - Black

$104.95 $129.95

Coral Stretch Knit - Gray

$104.95 $129.95

Sandy Stretch Knit - Silver

$104.95 $129.95

Coral Stretch Knit - Turquoise

$104.95 $129.95

Charlotte - Brown

$84.95 $94.95

Quincy Stretch - Gray

$99.95 $129.95

Edgewater Stretch Knit - Black

$103.96 $129.95

Lava Stretch Knit - Black

$104.95 $129.95

Hunter - Brown

$109.95 $135.00

Sprint Tie-Less - Gray

$104.95 $129.95

Monterey Bay Tie-Less - Black

$104.95 $124.95

Sorrento - Brown

$102.95 $135.95

How Metatarsalgia Shoes Can Help Alleviate Symptoms

Premium Orthotic Insoles

Premium Orthotic Insoles

Premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support re-aligns the foot and body, easing pain on the foot and heel, all the way up your knees, hips and lower back.

Arch Booster System

The Orthofeet Arch Booster can be added under the orthotic insole to increase the support to the arch and reduce pressure at the heel and ball of the foot.

Walking on a Cloud

Innovative Ortho-Cushion™ System with premium orthotic insole and ergonomic cushioning sole soften impacts, making every step you take soothing with comfort.

Fitting Spacers

Fitting Spacers

If the shoes are too loose you may get a snugger fit using the removable spacers that come with the shoes (1/16'' and 1/18'' thick), enhancing stability and comfort.