The Orthofeet Advantage

State of the art footwear technology and advanced foot biomechanics have been employed in designing Orthofeet Footwear.

The innovative shoe construction along with the anatomical orthotic insoles have proven to help millions of users improve mobility, enhance comfort from heel to toe, and get relief of heel, foot, knee, and lower back pain.

Innovative Ortho-Cushion™ System

  • Contoured orthotic insole with anatomical arch support.
  • Superior cushioning.
  • Ergonomic sole with mild rocker design

Biomechanical Orthotic Insole

All orthofeet shoes come with anatomical orthotic insoles that offer the best solution for sensitive feet:

  • Help relieve heel and foot pain
  • Reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot
  • Provide excellent support for flat feet
  • Help alleviate Corns and Calluses
  • Making every step soothing with comfort

Arch Booster System

The Orthofeet Arch Booster can be added under the orthotic insole to increase the support to the arch and reduce pressure at the heel and ball of the foot.

Protective Interior Lining

Soft, smooth interior, padded with extra foam:

  • Offers a gentle contact with the foot.
  • Eliminates pressure points.
  • Provides unsurpassed comfort and protection.

Non-Binding, Extra Depth Design

Soft leather, padded with foam with no overlays across the bunions and with extra depth design in the toe area.

  • Enhances comfort and protection
  • Eliminates pressure points on Bunions and Hammertoes.
  • Accommodates thick insoles and orthotics
  • Offers a loose, comfortable fit.
  • Provides extra room for toe movement.

Stretchable Uppers

Orthofeet is offering a variety of shoes and sandals that feature a stretchable upper design, allowing the upper to perfectly form to the contours of the foot.

  • Offer a loose, customized fit.
  • Eliminate pressure points on the foot.
  • Ease pressure on Bunions and Hammertoes.

Removable Spacers

Two sets of removable spacers (2 mm and 3 mm) are available with every pair of shoes

  • Allow to adjust the space inside the shoe for a perfect fit.

Tie-Less Lace System

Innovative lacing system that combines laces and straps on both sides of the shoe

  • Eliminates the need for lacing up
  • Enables fastening and unfastening on both sides of the shoe
  • Excellent solution for those who have difficulty tying laces

Two-Way Strap System

A strap system with hook and loop elements on both sides of the shoe.

  • Enables fastening and unfastening on both sides of the shoe, and easy adjustment of the length of the strap.