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Coral Orthopedic Shoes
Coral Stretch Knit - Black
Coral Stretch Knit - Black
Coral Stretch Knit - Black
Coral Stretch Knit - Black

Coral Stretch Knit - Black

$114.95 $142.95


$114.95 $142.95

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Coral Orthopedic Shoes

Coral Stretch Knit - Black


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Premium Orthotic Insoles

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Coral Stretch Knit - Black

MODEL: 981

WIDTHS: Narrow (A), Medium (B), Wide (D) , X-Wide (2E)

Orthofeet Ortho-Cushion helps relieve foot & heel pain and works wonders for sensitive feet, including most mobility issues

  • Premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support (removable) and Arch Booster re-align the foot and entire body posture
  • Wide toe-box alleviates pressure on swollen feet, bunions, and hammertoes
  • Soft, padded fabric interior with no overlays eliminates irritation and provides superior protection for sensitive feet
  • Stretchable knitted upper forms to the contours of your feet, providing a customized fit & easing pressure on sensitive feet
  • Cushioning sole with a mild Rocker improves the ease of walking and adds spring to your step
  • Rubber outsole provides advanced grip & excellent stability

Covered by Orthofeet 60-Day Comfort Guarantee






State of the art pain relief technology and advanced foot biomechanics have been employed by Orthofeet footcare experts in crafting our functional women’s orthopedic shoes. The innovative features have proven to help millions of users improve mobility, enhance comfort from heel to toe, and get relief of heel, foot, knee, and lower back pain:

Light weight, cushioning soles with Ergonomic-Stride design soften impacts, alleviate stress on the joints and help facilitate foot motion.

Anatomical orthotic insoles help relieve heel and foot pain, reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot, provide excellent support for flat feet and help alleviate corns and calluses.

Non-binding uppers with extra depth design and foam padding and with extra depth design in the toe area enhances comfort and protection, eliminates pressure points on bunions and hammertoes, and provides extra room for toe movement.

Coral Stretch Knit - Black


Premium Orthotic Insoles

Premium Orthotic Insoles

Premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support re-aligns the foot and body, helping ease pain on the foot and heel, all the way up your knees, hips and lower back.

Arch Booster System

The Orthofeet Arch Booster can be added under the orthotic insole to increase the support to the arch and reduce pressure at the heel and ball of the foot.

Walking on a Cloud

Innovative Ortho-Cushion™ System with premium orthotic insole and ergonomic cushioning sole soften impacts, improves the ease of walking and adds spring to your step.

Smooth, Padded Interior

Smooth, Padded Interior

Protective Interior Soft, foam-padded interior lining eliminates pressure points and friction against the skin, offering superior comfort and protection.

Stretchable upper helps eliminate pressure on bunions and hammertoes and offers a relaxed, comfortable fit.

Fitting Spacers

Fitting Spacers

If the shoes are too loose you may get a snugger fit using the removable spacers that come with the shoes (1/16" and 1/8" thick).

Watch Video

Watch Video

Watch Dr. Splichal go over Orthofeet's state-of-the-art footwear technology and see why Orthofeet is regarded as the #1 footwear recommended by podiatrists.



Product Care

Clean with washcloth. Use a small amount of mild soap and water. Air dry. Do not machine wash.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1294 reviews
Anne Barlow
Best Shoes Ever!

To my surprise at the grand old age of 77 I got Plantar Fasciitis. Before I even saw a podiatrist I found these shoes online. When I saw the doctor he noticed my shoes immediately and said " Stick with those shoes and you'll be fine." He was right. The shoes offer such excellent support in the arches that the condition subsided. I have purchased a second pair of the tennis shoe style and wear them constantly. I can walk a mile again and easily putt and chip on the ⛳ course. Unfortunately arthritis became inflamed in my knee so I am working through weekly PT but these shoes are irreplaceable. I highly recommend them for arch support and relieving plantar fasciitis. Oh. by the way .. they are no more expensive than the Saucony shoes I was wearing to walk and the company often has a 25% off sale. Hope you love them as much as I do! Arizona Annie🌵⛳🌵PS.... would love the tennis shoe style in red!!

Pamela Bush-Brisbin
They are the only sneaker I wear

Comfortable on both my feet a back. I’m on my sixth pair I think.

Lois McIntire
Best shoes

I love these shoes!! I’m on my feet at least 9 hours a day and longing over 20,000 steps on average . My feet and legs no longer hurt at the end of the day ! I will never buy regular athletic shoes again . I’m a customer for life

Melissa VanOrden
The best I have found

I have the coral stretch knit. My need may differ from most, after a major head on mva, I have a rod nailed to my knee and ankle, nerve damage and cannot completely feel the ground I walk on. The other leg, my knee will not completely bend or straighten, therefore, its shorter than the other. My foot is tilted Inword. To top it off, I have always had bunions. I have tried so many different shoes and these are the best. I did get extra insoles as well to even out the gap and make my legs appear the same which has made my gate even. I also have major metal in my pelvis and hips from the accident, since I began wearing these and got the insoles right, It's made a huge difference in my walking and my pain. These are really good sneakers!

Nancy L'Heureux
Happy Feet

My Husband and I rang in the 2023 New Year in Magic Kingdom, Orlando with our Grandsons and it was a 15 hour day in a theme park! We were so thankful that we had our new OrthoFeet sneakers! We survived and our feet did too!!