Bunions Pain Casual Shoes For Women

60-Day wear test


Orthofeet bunion casual shoes for women are engineered with unique therapeutic features that help alleviate pressure on bunions: 1. Extra depth and wide toe box design for a pressure free environment. 2. Soft and stretchable uppers that conform to the shape of the foot. 3. Non-binding design in the bunions area. 4. Premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support align the body and straighten the foot and toes. Upgrade to the most comfortable bunion casual shoes for women: Walk comfortably and pain free or your money back!


"I started a new job that has me on my feet all day and I have a bunion. Caused so much pain that I was almost in tears at the end of each workday. So I got these shoes to try out and I couldn’t believe it! After only wearing three days, I’m pain free! I expected they would help but didn’t realize to what extent! Well made, quality workmanship. Returning for more..."
-- Kimberly Baxter

60-Day wear test

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Footwear Solutions For Bunions

Preventing bunions should start early because they tend to develop over time. Always wearing well fitted bunions women’s shoes that don’t cramp the toes is also important. Exercises that strengthen the feet can help too. As far as treatment options go, there are several. The best shoes for bunions are shoes that are roomy and comfortable and that provide plenty of room for the toes as well as protective padding, all of which can provide significant pain relief. In addition to wearing orthopedic bunion shoes for women, orthotic insoles that stabilize the joint and align the foot in the correct walking and standing position can help prevent bunions from getting worse.

Thanks to Orthofeet, I recently doubled my pairs of shoes from two to four! With hammertoes and bunions, it's difficult to find comfortable shoes.

The pewder sandals are both stylish and comfortable.

-- Ann Kochenberger: Thank you, Orthofeet

I have a bunion on big toe and these are only shoes I have that I can both walk distance with and are comfortable. I wish they didn't have white soles since I'd like to use them where there's mud. So I use them only for city/town.

-- Corri: Good for bunion

I have bunions and there aren't many shoes I can comfortably wear. I needed a shoe for walking and everyday wear especially in the warmer months. This shoe is perfect! Comfortable, appears to be durable (only had 2 weeks) and looks good

-- Gloria Bliss: Love the fit and the look!

True to size. Very comfortable and they stretch over my bunions and hammertoes. No more irritation or squeezed toes. Thank you

-- Christine Lashley: OrthoFeet stretchable - gray

I have bunions, metatarsalgia, and get easy blisters from the heels of shoes. I got these shoes and was able to walk in them right away. They fit just great

-- Jane Bowers: Wonderful Shoes

I love these shoes. I have about 5 pairs now. I had been buying expensive custom inserts to help relieve the pain of my bunions. Since I've been wearing these shoes, I have not needed new inserts. Buying a pair of these shoes is also cheaper than the inserts. New shoes, no pain and a cheaper price -- can't beat a deal like that.

-- Diane Oakley: Great Shoes