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The Best Walking Shoes for Women

Medically reviewed by Dr. Josh White, DPM - Written by OrthoFeet Team on Feb 02 2022

Walking is one of the best physical activities we can engage in that has so many benefits to our body and soul. With summer fast approaching, there has never been a better time to get up and get walking. However, so many of us can’t seem to engage in this activity due to foot pain or other problems affecting our feet and body. Many times, this stems from simply wearing the wrong pair of walking shoes.

Whether you are walking for a mental boost or just to improve your general overall health, we have taken the time to explore the best walking shoes for women that will enable you to enjoy your walk in comfort, walk longer and prevent exacerbating debilitating foot and back problems at the same time. Don’t let existing health conditions get in the way of your walking with our guide to the best walking shoes for women. 

Our selection of the best walking shoes for women

1. Coral Stretchable Walking Shoe

Coral Stretchable Walking Shoe

A best-selling walking shoes for ladies, Coral is ideal for foot conditions such as swollen feet, neuropathy, bunions, or hammertoes that might currently be limiting your ability to really enjoy your walks.

These highly stretchable shoes offer optimum comfort as they stretch and conform to your specific foot shape which is truly lifesaving if you have a protruding bunion or bulging hammertoes.

The wide tox-box, and extra depth from heel to toe provide a relaxed fit for swollen feet and allow one to insert a custom made orthotic when necessary.

Every step you take will be comforted and protected thanks to the superior orthotic that sits within the shoe. The arch of your foot will be supported at the optimal position and with that, everything falls into place to achieve maximum body alignment. In addition, the high-tech materials utilized in this shoe will cushion your feet and protect them from all surface forces no matter where you walk.

Super lightweight, they feel even lighter on the foot because of their rocker bottom and ergonomic sole design which decreases the need for excess ankle and foot motion making walking practically effortless.

The Coral sneakers are available in a variety of colors to match your athletic wardrobe, including a fun pop color turquoise that will have everyone around asking you where they can get a pair too!

Shop the Coral Stretchable.

2. Verve Tie-Less Lace Tennis Shoe

Verve Tie-Less Lace

This specially designed orthotic shoe has numerous innovative features not found in other shoes, making it the ultimate walking shoe for those who have several foot problems.

First off, it has the look of a regular lace shoe but is designed with a hidden strap that enables fastening and unfastening without actually tying the laces! I have never seen this feature in a shoe and think it is perfect for so many of us who have difficulty bending down or arthritis in our hands.

The other feature is a heel strap that allows you to tighten or loosen the grip around the heel which caters to many different foot types such as a wide forefoot and narrow heel to prevent heel slippage or ones to accommodate a brace and AFO and require a wide opening.

The premium orthotic insole designed directly in the shoe offers the best arch support, aligns the feet and body and cushions the foot on even the longest walks.

Their soft protective interior and non-binding construction include padded foam uppers for a guaranteed comfortable fit. This seam-free interior lining protects the skin from pressure points and friction and is ideal for sensitive feet that want to continue walking. The absence of overlays across the toes makes these shoes perfect for walkers with bunions, hammertoe, diabetes, and neuropathy.

Combined with their wide toe box and extra depth design, they provide the toes a roomy and pressure free fit with ample space for maximum toe movement.

Shop the Verve-Turquoise Tie-Less Lace.


3. Verona Pewter Women’s Closed Toe Sandal

Verona Pewter

Perfect for summer walks, these closed-toe orthopedic sandals are an excellent option for those looking for support and comfort in the warmer months. Their closed, yet airy design allows your foot to breathe while offering maximum toe protection.

The Verona sandals are engineered with the most advanced footwear technology to enhance comfort and alleviate heel and foot pain. Their premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support prevent the foot from rolling inwards, easing pain on the foot and heel, all the way up your knees, hips and lower back.

A lightweight cushioning sole with a mild rocker design absorbs impacts and soften every step, working wonders to improve the ease of walking.

The multiple adjustable features include a bungee cord across the instep and a heel strap that allows you to achieve the perfect fit regardless of your foot type. Together with the padded seam free interiors and soft linings, your foot with experience cloud like comfort from heel to toe.

Verona women’s sandals are the best walking shoes for feet that hurt and for those who have bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, diabetes and neuropathy.

Shop the Verona Women’s Sandal.


4. Sanibel Mary Jane Shoes

Sanibel Mary Jane Shoes

The best walking shoes aren’t necessarily sneakers! Now you can look cute in these Mary Jane walking shoes and walk for miles pain free.

The Sanibel Mary Jane shoe is designed with ample adjustability to offer a customized fit starting with a padded hook and loop strap around the instep for easy on/off wear. The heel area also features a strap that can be tightened or loosened to prevent slippage or provide more room for an AFO or brace. The upper creatively incorporates mesh and leather to promote air flow and is prefect for warmer weather.

An orthotic insole provides arch support and aligns the body from the ground up, preventing knee, hip and back pain from occurring. Over time, the insole conforms to your specific foot shape, developing a deep heel seat that cradles and relieves pressure associated with plantar fasciitis, heel pain and flat feet. This feature will ensure you walk comfortably, making them the best walking shoes for women.

The extended widths offered in this style cater to all types of feet, including narrow all the way up to extra extra wide. They have a wide last design, added depth and a round and tall toe box that creates a relaxed fit for swollen feet and those that need to insert a custom orthotic device.

Shop the Sanibel Mary Jane Shoes.


5. Sonoma Biofit walking shoes for women

Sonoma Biofit

Now is the prefect time to conquer the outdoors with the Sonoma women’s walking shoe. Durability coupled with orthopedic support makes this the best walking shoes for women who want to venture out on the off beaten path.

Made from supple leather uppers, they offer stability, are durable enough to be worn in rugged terrain and super easy to clean after an outdoor adventure.

The soft padded interior around the heel area and collar relieves pressure while the seam free linings protects arthritic and diabetic feet.

Designed with biomedically designed insoles, they provide arch support and help minimize overpronation while you walk, perfect for those who have flat feet. The 3-layer construction is superb in dispersing shock forces, prevents the formation of bacteria and odor and keeps the foot cool and dry even after a long hike.

The generous tongue design along with the laces allow you to effortlessly insert your foot and customize the grip around the instep. And as a bonus, the laces are made of elastic material that will not break or stain easily.

Sonoma is designed with a wide shape from the heel to toe and includes extra depth and wide and round forefoot area that can accommodate swollen feet, bunions, hammertoes and custom braces.

Take them for a stroll and experience the ultimate comfort and protection that will last all day!

Shop the Sonoma Women’s Walking Shoe.

There is no need to let existing health conditions, especially those related to the feet or joints, get in the way of a good walk. Whether it is a simple stroll around the neighborhood or something more taxing - there is a walking shoe for everyone. Enjoy your walks without compromising on comfort and optimal protection for your feet. Get up and get moving!

How do we choose the best walking shoes for women?

Understanding which features make for the best walking shoes can make all the difference not only in guaranteeing an enjoyable walking experience but in protecting your long-term foot, leg, and back health too. We have listed key features the best walking shoes for women should have.

  • Support & cushioning: the more a shoe has built into it, the more comfortable and healthier it will be for you. The best walking shoes for women will be those that offer arch support, control overpronation and absorb shock with every step you take. Shoes designed with an orthotic insole, usually by orthopedic shoe brands, are your best bet.
  • Adjustability: the best walking shoes are those that fit your foot perfectly. To achieve this, you need a shoe with adjustable straps, laces or other features to loosen and tighten the fit. A shoe can have multiple adjustability features or just one and they can be located in several important areas of the foot such as the heel, the instep and the forefoot. The more configurable a shoe is to your foot, the better walking shoe you will end up with. 
  • Flex: Good walking shoes have a certain amount of flex and at the correct place. Overly flexible shoes that you can bend will not provide adequate support which can lead to foot injuries. On the flip side, shoes that are too ridged won’t be in sync with the foot’s natural biomechanical movement. This means they move as you move and provide the crucial flex your feet need.
  • The right outsole: The outsole design is extremely important as it can impact a person’s motion. Light materials will not weigh down the foot and shoes with an ergonomic sole and a mild rocker design will facilitate foot motion, easing stress on the ankle and joints.
  • Know your feet: Too many walkers underestimate the importance of selecting a shoe that matches their foot type. Whether it’s walking shoes for flat feet, walking shoes for narrow feet, walking shoes for wide feet, or even fallen arches - choosing the right type will guarantee a more comfortable walking experience. And even better if the walking shoes you choose are available in a wide variety of sizes, including half sizes and several wider fit options. Ideally choose a shoe with removable spacers, as these can guarantee the best fit for your feet.