Best Walking Shoes for Seniors

By Steven Gershman DPM  /  January 10, 2023 Blog Home

Choosing Walking Shoes for Seniors

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 Like other parts of our body, our feet are not immune to the changes that arise with getting older. 

As the body ages, it goes through physiological changes that make seniors more susceptible to foot pain and foot problems. In fact, one out of every three people over the age of 65 suffers from aching feet. 

Furthermore, additional health conditions that are more common as we age, including diabetes, arthritis and vascular disease, can compound these issues.

Sadly, people who suffer from foot pain can find that it interferes not just with their daily activities, but also with more basic functions, such as getting out of bed in the morning, going up or down stairs, or even maintaining balance.

For their health and well-being, seniors should be attentive to any changes in the feeling or appearance of their feet and take the necessary steps to address issues when they develop.

Keeping your feet healthy as you age

Walking and staying active is a critical part of a healthy foot regimen. Mobility helps you maintain a stable weight and strengthens your muscles, so that you’re less susceptible to serious damage if you are injured or become ill. 

Wearing orthopedic shoes that enhance mobility and minimize foot pain is another critical aspect of maintaining healthy feet.

It's especially important to avoid tight shoes that put undue pressure on the foot. The constant rubbing and pinching from this type of fashionable footwear are a major cause of corns, calluses, bunions and increased foot pain.

8 Best Shoes for Seniors 

Best Shoes for elderly with balance problems


 Ryder Boots

Ryder Zip

This boot is perfect for men looking for extra support.

They are lightweight, so they won’t feel heavy on your feet and make it harder to maintain your balance, and the rubber soles will help keep you stable on a variety of surfaces.

The shaft helps stabilize the ankles, minimizing injuries , while the anatomical insoles and ergonomic soles provide excellent support and stability.

Putting these boots on and taking them off doesn't require any effort, thanks to the two zippers in the back that create a wide, comfortable opening, so you can easily slip your foot in without fumbling with laces or bending down.

Ryder is available in brown and black.


Dakota Boots

Dakota Boots

Thanks to the higher upper design, these lightweight boots support both your feet and your ankles, without restricting your motion.

With a rubber lug outsole providing exceptional traction on various surfaces, these boots ensure a stable foundation, reducing the risk of slips. Surprisingly lightweight, they make walking easier for seniors while maintaining a rugged build.

Designed with a waterproof membrane, the boots keep feet dry in any weather, preventing blisters and bacteria build-up by allowing moisture to escape. The orthopedic, cushioned sole provides relief for foot and heel pain, ensuring a softer and more enjoyable walk. Premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support contribute to realigning the foot and entire body posture, enhancing overall comfort and stability.

The boots also feature a wide toe box, allowing toes to spread naturally and providing relief for conditions like swollen feet, bunions and hammertoes.

Dakota is available in olive and blue.

Best Velcro walking shoes for seniors


Alamo sneakers

Alamo Sneaker

The full grain leather upper of the Alamo sneakers is highly durable, yet surprisingly soft, providing a comfortably pressure free fit.

With the Alamo sneakers on your feet you can walk safely and with stability, thanks to the rubber outsole’s tread design that provides advanced grip on any type of surface.

You can easily make sure the sneakers fit just right by simply adjusting the velcro straps across the instep. The two straps also make it very easy to put these sneakers on and take them off. 

Alamo is available in black and white and will become your go to everyday shoe.


Joelle sneakers

Joelle Sneaker

With its elastic laces and hook and loop strap, these sneakers don’t only look amazing, but also mean you can very easily adjust the fit and slip in and out of them, without having to tie laces. 

The uppers are made from a fabric-elastic mix, resulting in a highly stretchable material that can expand or contract, depending on the shape and specific contour of your foot. 

The toe box is nice and wide, allowing your toes to sit straight and move properly, without overlapping one another. This also positively affects your gait and ultimately, your overall body posture and alignment.  

Joelle is available in black and gray. 


Best shoes for the elderly to prevent falls


Pacific Palisades Waterproof

Pacific Palisades


If you’re looking for shoes that can protect you from falls, the waterproof version of the Pacific Palisades sneakers is a great choice, thanks to the sole’s unique tread pattern that provides advanced road grip and greater stability.

The full grain leather upper is highly durable and non-constricting, and the detailed stitching and overlays mean you can enjoy all the benefits of an orthopedic shoe, in style. 

Pacific Palisades Waterproof sneakers are available in black.


Moravia Sneakers


These sneakers are constructed with waterproof uppers that keep your feet dry at all times. They also offer advanced grip and superior stability that help prevent falls, thanks to the sole’s advanced tread design. In addition, the firm heel counter and wide sole add even more stability. 

Although the uppers are waterproof, the Moravia sneakers are still soft and offer a pressure free fit for all types of feet. 

Moravia is available in black and gray.


Best Shoes for mobility problems


Edgewater sneakers


Men’s Edgewater shoes are designed with a rubber outsole that strengthens surface grip and reduces the risk of tripping, slipping or injuring yourself. 

The shoes are made with flexible upper materials that take on the shape of any foot, while still offering support, perfect even if your feet swell during the day. 

The sole is expertly designed to support the feet from heel to toe and promote movability, without tiring the feet and legs.

Edgewater is available in black, blue and gray.


Francis sneakers 

Francis Blue

Thanks to Francis’ bungee lace closure, you will never need to tie laces again, which also means you can expect an effortless on-off wear.

The rubber outsole gives you improved traction and great stability, while the cushioning system supports your feet as you walk, making it easier to move around. 

The stretchable uppers offer a 4-way stretch that expands or contracts according to your specific foot shape and size, making sure the fit is just right without putting any pressure on your feet. 

These sneakers are available in five different colors: maroon, blue, gray, black and rose pink.


The benefits of a good pair of seniors’ walking shoes

There are numerous important benefits to wearing proper walking shoes for seniors:

  • They help you stay active.
  • They aid your balance and alignment.
  • They help keep the muscles in your feet from becoming weak.
  • Comfortable walking shoes also provide important protection and mechanical support to the feet, which helps them improve mobility and enhance comfort.
  • Wearing adaptive walking shoes that fit properly improves overall quality of living, as wearing ill-fitting shoes can adversely affect mood and outlook.


All the shoes listed above have the following orthopedic features in common.

      1. On the inside

  • Premium orthotic insoles. A cushioned insole, constructed with a built in anatomical arch support that helps maintain natural and healthy foot motion. 
  • Protective interior. The shoe is constructed with a protective, soft, foam padded and seam free lining to eliminate friction and irritation. 
  • Extra depth. The depth of the shoe and the toe box allow the toes to move freely and provide a non-binding fit, helping to alleviate pain and pressure on the feet. Plus, the added depth means the design can accommodate braces or AFOs, as well as custom orthotics.        

       2. On the outside

  • Cushioning sole. Designed with multiple layers of shock absorbing materials, the sole is cushioned throughout, including extra layers at the heel, where the foot hits the ground first. This allows shock forces to disperse, softening each step. The sole keeps the foot from rolling inwards as you walk to prevent pain, and alleviates stress and pressure on the joints and feet.
  • Ergonomic sole. The soles are slightly curved (a feature called rocker bottom) to improve and facilitate the walking motion of the foot, allowing minimal joint movement and effort as you walk. 
  • Low heels. Low or flat heels add more stability, thus preventing falls and injuries. A fairly flat sole also prevents all the pressure from concentrating around the metatarsals and toe area. 
  • Breathable properties. Upper materials that keep your feet aerated and dry, and create an antimicrobial, anti-fungal and odor free environment. 
  • Grippy outsole. Special materials and a deep groove tread design increase traction and prevent falls on wet surfaces.