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Best 5 Women Shoes for Arch Support in 2022

Medically reviewed by Dr. Josh White, DPM - Written by OrthoFeet Team on Jan 07 2022

Arch support is a popular topic these days even though the term has existed for many years when shoemakers molded layers of leather and fabric to design more comfortable shoes back in the early 1900’s. Unfortunately, most big box shoe brands don’t put much emphasis on this and design shoes with a flat and flimsy footbed that does not have any arch support.

The meaning of the words “arch support” is rather simple to understand and hence highlights the importance of shoes with arch support for women. The foot is contoured and not flat. The anatomy of the foot is complex with many ligaments, tendons and muscles running from end to end. Every foot has an arch – some have very little, others more defined. Regardless of the type of arch, it needs to be supported or else injuries, pain and other foot conditions can arise.


The benefits of shoes with arch support


Arch support shoes for women provide many benefits, whether you suffer from a foot condition or just want to feel comfortable on your feet and maintain and healthy and active lifestyle. Good arch support shoes will have a built-in orthotic insole with a defined arch placed in the correct position under the foot. Usually that is a little further back than where most people think it should be. The purpose of the arch is to support or hold the plantar fascia tendon so that it does not over stretch and become inflamed, leading to pain and discomfort. The arch also keeps the feet and rest of the body aligned, providing proper balance, and reducing stress on the joints such as the knees and hips. Overpronation is controlled and prevents the feet from rolling inwards.

The best arch support shoes for women are designed by brands that specialize in comfort or shoes for foot conditions and provide a solution for painful feet. Usually, these shoes have many additional features that make them healthy for your feet, plus they are available in extended widths and sizes to fit even the widest foot.

Orthofeet is one such brand that has been around since 1894 with deep roots and an emotional connection to helping people combat foot pain and providing options for problem feet. The basis of their shoe design begins with arch support and branches out to include many other unique and innovative technologies, materials and design features that are lifesaving to millions of customers with foot pain and debilitating foot conditions.

All Orthofeet shoes are biomedically designed with a premium orthotic insole with an anatomically shaped arch. It is made from multiple layers of varying density foam to provide shock absorption from the heel to the toe, with extra cushioning under the fat pad that acts like a trampoline, relieving heel and plantar fasciitis pain. The orthotic insole provides extraordinary support and creates a good foundation for the body from the ground up.


Our recommendation for the best arch support running shoes for 2022


Coral Stretch Knit

Coral Stretch Knit

It is crucial our feet are supported but sometimes we need our shoes to solve other issues. Every foot is different and most of us have feet that are far from perfect, probably a little misshapen, with a bump or some swelling. For this reason, Coral is a perfect option that will fit any foot shape and size. A flexible and stretch upper molds to the specific contours of the feet and offers a pressure free fit, even with bunions and hammertoes.

The advanced orthotic will support the arch and plantar fascia as it stretches and contracts. It also keeps the big toe joint functioning properly so that it propels the foot forward without damaging the tendon.

Your feet will love soft fabric top cover of the orthotic insole, which is also moisture wicking and anti-fungal to keep your feet clean and dry.

A wide, round, and high toe box, where the toes sit, creates plenty of space that does not cram them against one another, and can accommodate a bunion or swollen toes. The shoe also has extra depth that spans from the heel to the toes, which creates a relaxed fit and enough space if you need to insert a custom orthotic.

Coral is available from narrow up to extra extra wide widths in turquoise, black and gray.

Customer review: 

“I am an ICU nurse during this pandemic so I am on my feet for about 13 hours at a time. These have done wonders for my usually sore arches! I am pain free!” -Brandy


Top pick for walking shoes with arch support


Verona Heel Strap

Verona Heel Strap

Good weather is on its way and that give us more reason and opportunities to venture out, explore and engage in physical activity, such as walking. In order for us to walk comfortably and for long periods of time, it essential we wear shoes with arch support insoles.

Verona is a cross between a shoe and sandal since it incorporates a closed toe forefoot, open back and airy design to keep your feet nice and cool. The closed front protects the toes from injury and hides them for those don’t want to show them off. 

If you look at the shoe from the medial side, you will notice the substantial arch that will keep your feet in check, and pain free. Good arch support promotes proper biomechanics, reduces injuries to the muscles and bones and simply put, makes walking easier. When the foot moves correctly, less stress is placed on the joints such as the ankles, knees, and hips.

The inside of the shoe is padded with foam and lined with soft fabric to avoid any irritation against the skin, especially important if they are worn without socks. There are multiple straps and an elastic lace that allows you to customize the fit to your particular foot and achieve maximum comfort. This includes a heel strap that works wonders for those with a narrow heel and wide forefoot, wide heels or even those that need to wear a brace.

Verona is available in pewter and black to match all your outfit needs.

Customer review:

“I have fallen arches and Morton's Neuroma so finding comfortable shoes is a huge challenge. These shoes are wonderful…after wearing them an entire day, I was delighted not to have sore feet at the end of the day. The construction of the shoe is such that it gives me the support I need in the right places while taking pressure off the ball of my foot.” -Joan


The best slippers with arch support insoles


Louise Stretch Knit

Louise Stretch Knit
Most of us love slippers because they are comfy, cozy, stretchy and flexible. Our feet feel as if there is nothing on them. However, this can also be the reason whys some slippers are bad for us and cause new foot conditions or exacerbate existing ones.

The slippers your typically find in regular slippers often lack any type of support, which includes support under the arch. Luckily, with the growing number of orthotic footwear brands, you can more easily find “good” slippers for your feet.  Louise is a fan favorite for a number of reasons.

The most important feature is that it is designed with an arch support and cushioning to keep the foot in the natural aligned position, preventing overpronation and dispersing shock along the foot. The plantar fascia will not be subjected to pressure and inflammation and heel pain will be minimized. Plus, your feet with love them because of the 4-way stretch fabric upper material that expands over the bumps and contours of your feet.

Louise is designed with an ergonomic sole to help propel the foot forward and ease stress on the joints for effortless walking. The sole is durable and even suitable for outdoor wear. Customers who have purchased this slipper claim they are so comfortable and supportive, they forget to take them off and leave the house still wearing them.

Louise is available in black and tan from narrow to extra wide widths.

Customer review:

“Instant relief. I have had plantar fasciitis in both feet and other knee, hip, and back pains from years of running and high-impact sports. I work from home and use a stand-up desk, so I am on my feet all day. I was in desperate need of arch support and relief from my daily discomfort. I did a lot of research and decided to try Orthofeet. I am so glad I did! It may sound cheesy, but I feel like I am gliding through the day. Back pain...gone, foot aches and pains...gone!” -Tracy


The winner for the best sandals with arch support


Malibu Two Way Strap

Malibu Two Way Strap

A lot of sandals and most flip flops generally never have good arch support and are not great for your feet. Part of the reason is that footwear brands try to keep the design of the sandal minimal, light, airy and appropriate for hot temperatures. As a result, many features are overlooked including the footbed which is flat, thin, and flimsy. Thankfully, there are sandals out there that include top notch design with full orthotic arch support similar to the ones that can be found in closed toe orthotic shoes.

What makes Malibu sandal a top pick are the 5 innovative layers made with state-of-the-art materials that provide soft cloud-like cushioning and anatomical arch support to align the feet, legs, knees, hips, and lower back. When the arch is supported and the space under it is filled, the foot no longer turns inwards and the strain on the tendon is eased which in turn minimizes heel and forefoot pain.

Malibu has many additional features that make it a fully customizable shoe to achieve a prefect fit no matter what your foot shape. A padded heel strap accommodates any heel size and is the perfect solution for those with a narrow heel but still need a wide shoe. There is also a strap across the toes that is soft and seam free and designed with elastic stretch to expand over bunions and hammertoes for a pressure free fit. A unique two-way strap system across the instep is a big help to those with difficulty bending down to secure the straps. This system not only includes a strap on the lateral side of the sandal but also on the medial side which is easier to get to.

A slip-resistant sole is a bonus feature and allows you to confidently wear them on wet surfaces during any summer splash adventure.

Malibu is available in black, pewter and a new light cream color to pair with any summer outfit.

Customer review: 

“I have worn other major Brand sandals, but NEVER has my foot felt better. I do have a high arch and through the years have experienced increased discomfort. I ordered the Pewter Malibu double strap sandals. What a joy to wear, I did have to add the included extra support, and was so surprised to have my foot feel like it was cradled and supported immediately. I can wear, them all day and have no pain. Thank you! I am spreading the word about these shoes.” Donna Rocchio 


The best arch support boots


Delta Black Non-Slip, Waterproof

Delta Black Non-Slip, Waterproof

Delta is a versatile boot that offers incredible arch support and works well for any activity year-round. Tread through winter weather or splash through muddy terrain on a summer hike, they will keep your feet completely dry thanks to the waterproof leather upper and sealed seam construction. Moreover, they are slip resistant since they are constructed with special rubber and a unique tread design that channels liquids away from the sole. 

Because of the innovative materials it is made from and the mild rocker bottom design, Delta is lightweight and feels even lighter on the foot making it an ideal boot for long adventures. The minimal heel to toe drop ensures pressure is equally dispersed as your foot strikes the ground. 

Plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and overpronation will be eliminated as a result of the arch being supported by the anatomical orthotic insole that is directly built in the boots. Thick padding and a cupped heel design offers shock absorbing cushioning and cradles the heel providing pain relief for tired ad hurting feet, allowing you to keep on going.

An extra depth silhouette, wide toe area which also includes ample height, and wide shape design, makes the boot super comfortable and gives your feet a relaxed and pressure free fit. The interior has soft padded foam, and the lining is seamless which is perfect even for sensitive feet with conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and neuropathy.

Delta is also available in a durable fabric upper in brown.

Customer review:

“I received my shoes a few weeks ago and I love them. I have struggled for years with plantar fasciitis and slipping my feet into these shoes, was like wrapping them in a big hug. The support is fantastic! Most definitely will purchase more shoes from OrthoFeet!” -Lynn H.


Shop the best arch support insoles.


For those looking to achieve similar arch support in shoes that are not designed with a built-in orthotic insole, Orthofeet Orthotic Insoles can be a great option. These arch support insoles are available in several configurations and can be inserted in almost any type of shoe. The Arch Booster that is included with every pair allows you to customize and enhance arch support if needed.