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5 Best Women's Shoes for Heel Spurs in 2022

Medically reviewed by Dr. Josh White, DPM - Written by OrthoFeet Team on Oct 24 2022

Almost one-quarter of people deal with foot pain at some point. Nagging foot pain can make it challenging to enjoy activities, hobbies, and spending time with loved ones. Heel spurs are one cause of foot pain that can be indicative of other foot problems such as plantar fasciitis.

Often, your footwear is the culprit.

The good news is that finding the best shoes for heel spurs can make more of a difference than you may think. With the right shoes designed with your foot and heel pain in mind, you can expect to start enjoying all the activities you’ve been missing..

To help you find the right shoes for you , we’ve put together a complete guide on finding  the best shoes for heel spurs.

What Causes Heel Spurs?

Heel spurs are painful, bony prominences on the bottom of your feet. They form from calcium deposits and can appear pointed or hooked on imaging.

Generally speaking, heel spurs are caused by strains on the foot muscles and ligaments, which is why this condition is common among athletes.

More specifically, the most common cause of heel spurs is plantar fasciitis, which happens when the plantar fascia (the tissue running on the underside of your feet) becomes inflamed. Other causes of heel spurs can be arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, diabetes, spending long hours on your feet, running on hard surfaces, overpronation, flat feet and more. 

While only one in twenty people experience pain with heel spurs, other foot problems can increase your pain, especially when you exercise.

Can shoes cause heel spurs?

Yes, certain shoes can affect your foot health and that includes heel spurs. 

  1. Poor fit. If your shoes don’t fit you properly, whether they are too wide or too narrow, too big or too small, your feet will not get the support they need. This can put a strain on your feet and lead to plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. 
  2. Lack of support. Shoes are a fashion item and it’s only natural that most people choose style over comfort by opting for high heels, flip flops and other shoes that don’t offer cushioning, arch support or ergonomic designs.  The problem is that shoes that lack the appropriate arch and foot support can cause heel spurs (and a long list of other foot issues), which is why they are not recommended for daily wear. 
  3. Worn down shoes. Most of us have a favorite pair of shoes that we wear all or most of the time, but when you wear the same shoes for months or even years, their structure and cushioning (if they had any to begin with) simply wears out over time. And as we mentioned, lack of proper foot support may cause heel spurs and other issues. 

Is walking good for heel spurs?

Walking is an excellent activity for keeping fit and healthy. However, it’s possible it will cause you additional heel pain or discomfort if you have heel spurs since walking contracts the muscles attached to the plantar fascia, possibly pressuring or damaging the heel tissue. 

Depending on your specific circumstances, walking can either make your heel pain worse or help alleviate it. Either way, wearing shoes that offer support with orthotic inserts and an ergonomic design is highly recommended. 

It’s also best to warm up and stretch your feet before you start to walk and again after your walk, and avoid any activity walking barefoot.

Best Women’s Shoes for Heel Spurs

1. Coral 


The Coral stretch knit women's shoe is an ideal choice if you deal with painful heel spurs. Premium orthotic soles and an adjustable arch support can help improve heel pain, bone spurs, plantar fasciitis and more. 

The Coral shoe is available in four different widths, from narrow to extra wide.

The unique design allows you to easily remove the orthotic insole if needed, and the Arch Booster technology helps enhance support for someone who wants extra. An added heel cushion ensures you can manage your heel spur pain while staying active.

The knitted fabric upper comfortably fits any foot and is perfect for additional conditions, such as bunions, hammertoes and swelling. 

The mild rocker sole and rubber outsole mean you'll be ready to tackle anything from running and walking, to casually strolling with little effort and lots of confidence.

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Similar design for men

The Lava athletic men’s shoes are engineered with unique features that help alleviate heel spur pain: 

  • The Ortho Cushion technology both supports and cushions the heel to relieve pressure.
  • The advanced orthotic insoles offer anatomical arch support, as well as additional cushioning that reduces pressure on the heel.
  • The special foam heel pad encapsulates the heel and absorbs shock as you walk. 
  • The heel of the shoe is slightly raised and transfers pressure  from the rearfoot and heel throughout the entire foot. 

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2. Verve 

 verve Orthopedic shoe

The Verve sneakers are designed with a few key features that make them perfect for women dealing with foot pain, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs:

  • Heel cushioning - provides support and protection for the heel.
  • Premium orthotic insoles - offer built-in anatomical arch support and unparalleled cushioning that ease pain on the heel.
  • Arch Booster - can be added to provide additional arch support and reduce pressure on the heel and ball of foot, as well as feet, knees, hips and lower back.
  • Ergonomic sole - minimizes strain on the heel and softens every step.

The Verve Tie-Less Lace athletic shoe is also a great solution for women who want to take the hassle out of tying laces. In some instances, mobility issues, arthritis and poor motor skills can make reaching down and tying shoes challenging and tedious.

The one-step fastening technology allows you to adjust the laces the first time you put them on and from then on, you simply use the hidden tabs on both sides of the shoe. 

And if that’s not enough, the Verve is also designed with a heel strap to accommodate different heel types. If, for example, you have a wide forefoot but narrow heel, this feature allows you to tighten the grip around the heel and prevent slippage. The heel strap also works well in opposite instances where more space is needed, for example if you wear a brace or AFO.

Verve is available in three color combinations, pink/gray, blue/white and all black.

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Similar design for men

The Sprint men’s shoes are tie-less shoes that are designed with a heel strap that allows you to adjust the grip around the heel, to accommodate wide heels (as well as braces and AFOs) or prevent slippage in case of narrow heels. This means you can customize the fit to allow for better support in the heel area.

Plus, the tie-less feature mentioned means they look like regular lace sneakers but with the functionality of strap shoes. 

The shock-absorbing, multi-layer cushioning sole with mild rocker prevents pressure on the heels and absorbs shocks to the heels.

These shoes are available in three colors - blue, gray and all black.

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2. Laguna

In the sandal category, the Laguna closed-toe sandals feature a back strap that keeps your heel in place and prevents it from slipping, making walking more comfortable especially if you have heel spurs. As the insoles also prevent the feet from rolling inwards, they are great for people who need to ease pain on the heel, foot, knees, hips and lower back. 

Their cushioning, ergonomic sole provides a mild rocker effect as you walk, leading to reduced pressure on the heel and feet, and as an added bonus, it also means that each step you take requires less effort and energy. 

The cushioning sole also has extra padding in the heel area, which means you will feel like you’re walking on a soft, fluffy cloud with minimal impact on the heel. In addition, the soft, cushioned rubber outsole provides extra grip and even greater support.

The orthotic insole provides anatomical arch support and is also removable, so you can insert your own custom orthotics if you need to. 

The microfiber and fabric upper make this sandal refreshingly breathable, as well as accommodative for many forefoot conditions; the wide toe box is perfect for wider feet, while the rubber outsole with advanced grip makes sure the wearer has superior stability.

The Laguna sandals are available in gray and light blue. 

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Similar design for men

The Taurus sandals are the men’s version of the Laguna sandal for women. They feature:

  • Lightweight ergonomic soles that provide cushioning, including extra cushioning at the heel, and arch support to help relieve foot pain. 
  • Cushioning sole with mild rocker to make walking that much easier and less painful.
  • Orthotic soles that reduce the pressure on the foot and heel, all the way up to the lower back.
  • Adjustable bungee lace that allows you to better customize the fit and provides easy and quick on-off wear. 
  • Stretchable uppers padded with seamless, soft foam interior to prevent strain on sensitive pressure points and provide protection for sensitive feet. 
  • Rubber outsole with outstanding grip to provide full stability.

And just like the Laguna sandals, the Taurus sandals also have a wide toe box and are made in the  wider widths, up to 2E.

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4. Delta


If you love hiking, heel pain can turn your favorite activity into a painful or inconvenient experience. For most hikers, not going on hikes is simply not an option, even if they suffer from foot issues, which means the best solution is shoes that can help you enjoy hiking without that nagging heel pain.

That’s exactly what you get with the Delta Waterproof hiking boots, designed with biomechanical and therapeutic features:

  • The orthotic insole with its extra heel cushioning, together with its removable anatomical arch support feature, is designed to support and protect the heel, and alleviate heel and foot pain (including plantar fasciitis). The arch support prevents walking abnormalities by aligning the ankles with the knees and the hip, and this decreases the overall pressure on the foot.
  • The soles are ergonomically designed to significantly lower impacts on the heel. It makes such a difference, you won’t believe how much softer it will feel to walk.
  • If you need extra support, you can add the Arch Booster under the orthotic insoles, which will reduce the pressure at heel (and ball of foot) even further. 
  • The rubber outsole and tread design provide extra grip for full stability, even on wet surfaces. 

There’s also the smooth, padded protective interior that prevents irritation and friction against the skin; the wide toe box that is perfect for people whose feet are on the wider side; the waterproof upper that’s ideal for any weather condition and terrain; the moisture wicking insole top cover; and Poly-U foam that prevents moisture build up and eliminates odors.

Happy hiking!

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Similar design for men

The Hunter Black men’s hiking boots support the ankles and that stability helps minimize heel pain. 

Just like the women’s version, the Hunter Black boots also feature:

  • premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support;
  • a cushioning sole with shock absorbing foam;
  • mild rocker bottom sole that absorbs the shock, and reduces excess ankle and foot motion to reduce impact on the heel;
  • a well padded, seamless interior that prevents irritation;
  • a wide toe box;
  • a waterproof upper. 


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5. Louise

Did you know you can walk comfortably and pain-free even when you're home? 

The mule style, vegan friendly Louise slippers are engineered with very unique features, ones you wouldn’t expect to find in slippers. 

  • The light-weight ergonomic soles cushion your every step, support and cushion the heel to relieve pressure on heel spurts, and offer stability, making walking around your home super comfortable. 
  • The soles also feature a mild rocker design that softens impacts on the heel. 
  • The anatomical arch support and additional cushioning featured in the premium orthotic insoles further reduce strain on the heel.
  • The adjustable strap helps you keep the slip-on slippers securely on your feet.
  • You can use the removable fitting spacers that come with the shoes to get a more snug fit if the slippers are too loose. 
  • The stretchy, breathable knit fabric upper conforms to the contours of your feet, for a pressure-free fit. 
  • The wide toe-box offers plenty of room for your toes.


It’s worth mentioning that podiatrists highly recommend wearing slippers around the house rather than walking barefoot, to protect your feet and toes at all times.

And by the way, these slippers are so comfortable and good for your feet that you may find yourself wearing them outside the home. 

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Similar design for men

The Hudson stretch knit slippers offer the same advanced features as the Louise slippers for people with heel spurs, which means you will enjoy both superior comfort and full protection when you’re home. 

Here’s how the Hudson slippers provide maximum pressure relief on heel spurs:

  • The cushioning Ortho Cushion technology is engineered to cushion and support the heels.
  • Orthotic insoles offer arch support and extra cushioning for the heels. 
  • The mild rocker design of the lightweight, cushioning soles softens shocks on the heels. 


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