14 Best Shoes for Tailor’s Bunion (Bunionettes)

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If you have a tailor’s bunion, unfortunately you’re only too familiar with the bump that showed up on your pinky toe. 

Luckily, selecting the right shoes can significantly alleviate the discomfort associated with tailor's bunions. 

By making informed shoe choices, people with tailor's bunions can minimize pain, slow the progression of the condition, and improve their overall foot health.

So, without further ado (though you can scroll down to find all the informative further ado in the next sections), let’s get to our list of top 14 shoes for tailor’s bunion. 

Best running shoes for tailor’s bunion

Women’s Kita | Men’s Yari

Yari Blue

Why you’ll love it

  • Innovative on/off wear, no hands needed
  • Slip resistant soles for improved stability



  • Sizes: women 5-12; men 7-14
  • Widths: women Standard (B) - Wide (D) | men Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4E)
  • Upper materials: stretch knit
  • Available colors: Kita - blue, gray, black/white, black/black, rose, white | Yari - blue, white, gray, black


One of the most important features of the Kita and Yari orthopedic sneakers is their innovative spring technology that makes it easy to put them on and take off without using your hands. Simply insert your foot and go.

In addition, they are constructed with wide toe box. This gives the toes plenty of room to spread out, which is essential for reducing pressure on the tailor's bunion. The added depth design also provides a relaxed fit, which further helps to reduce pressure and discomfort.

The stretchable, water repellant uppers of the Kita and Yari sneakers adjust to the unique shape of the foot, providing a kind of custom made fit that accommodates protrusions and eases pressure on the forefoot and bunionette. It is also breathable and allows air flow, keeping your feet healthy and sweat free.

The Kita and Yari sneakers also provide improved mobility and reduce pain. The multiple layers of cushioning, combined with anatomical arch support, work to absorb shock with every step, reducing impact on the feet and legs, which can result in less pain and discomfort.

Finally, the ergonomic soles with their mild rocker design and minimal heel-to-toe drop make walking a breeze, taking the strain off the sensitive area of the tailor’s bunion.

Best hiking shoes for tailor’s bunion

Women’s Alma Men’s Avalon

Alma Khaki

Why you’ll love it

  • Built-in heel strap secures fit
  • Rubber lug soles for safer, less painful hiking experience



  • Sizes: women 5-12; men 7-14
  • Widths: women Standard (B) - Wide (D) | men Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4E)
  • Upper materials: stretch knit
  • Available colors: Alma - khaki and gray | Avalon - khaki and gray


With the women’s Alma and men’s Avalon hiking shoes, you can keep enjoying the outdoors without exacerbating your tailor’s bunion or the pain and discomfort associated with this condition. 

Tailor's bunions can make feet more susceptible to blisters and other issues, but with the waterproof membrane and water sealed fabric in these shoes, you can keep your feet dry and healthy, even in wet conditions.

To further enhance fit and stability, these hiking shoes feature a built-in heel band that securely wraps around the heel and fastens to the laces. This innovative design prevents the foot from slipping inside the shoe, providing a secure grip and reducing heel slippage.

A tailor's bunions can often lead to misalignment of the foot, causing pain and discomfort that extends to the legs and back. The orthotic insoles in the Alma and Avalon hiking shoes offer a helpful solution by realigning the foot and enhancing overall posture, alleviating these issues.

The wide toe box leaves more than enough room for your toes to spread comfortably, reducing pressure on the tailor's bunion, and ensuring that it doesn't become aggravated during your outdoor adventures.

The cushioning sole, ½ inch heel drop and mild rocker design work together to soften each step, making walking with a tailor’s bunion more comfortable and less painful.

Finally, the rubber lug outsole is a remarkable addition. Its deep indentations provide exceptional traction and stability, whether you're tackling outdoor terrains or indoor surfaces. This feature ensures safer and less painful walking on uneven ground, enhancing your overall mobility.


Best dress shoes for tailor’s bunion

Women’s Emma booties

Emma Cherry

Why you’ll love it

  • A 2-inch heel that doesn’t put any pressure on the forefoot
  • The perfect pairing of stylish design and orthopedic comfort



  • Sizes: 5-12
  • Widths: Standard (B) - Wide (D)
  • Upper materials: soft leather
  • Available colors: cherry, black, brown


The Emma booties offer a perfect balance of orthopedic comfort and stylish appeal. 

What sets these booties apart is their cleverly inconspicuous orthopedic design, which discreetly conceals the fact that they provide exceptional support to your feet - perfect for women who prioritize both fashion and comfort in their footwear.

Despite sporting a 2-inch heel, these boots are engineered to offer the same level of comfort you'd find in a pair of sneakers. The ergonomically shaped heel plays a key role in evenly distributing weight, effectively alleviating pressure on the forefoot. This innovative design allows you to walk without experiencing the discomfort and pain commonly associated with tailor's bunions.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a wide toe box is a welcomed feature, affording ample room for your toes to naturally spread out. This not only prevents foot pain, but also reduces the risk of potential foot conditions caused by cramped toe spaces. 

Paired with a multi-layered cushioned insole with anatomical arch support, the Emma booties provide exceptional support and comfort, effectively reducing foot fatigue and discomfort associated with tailor's bunions. 

They are also constructed with a side zip for easy on/off, a functional buckle, elastic gore and foam padded, seam free fabric interior that prevents irritations. 


Men’s Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center

Why you’ll love it

  • A long list of functional benefits that don’t compromise on style
  • A non-constricting fit reduces pressure on bunionettes



  • Sizes: 7-14
  • Widths: Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4E)
  • Upper materials: soft leather
  • Available colors: black


Here’s why the Lincoln Center dress shoes are the best choice for men with tailor’s bunion. 

The soft leather upper of these shoes provides a non-constricting fit, which helps to reduce pressure on the forefoot and the tailor’s bunion. 

The anatomical insole helps to align the foot and reduce pressure on the protrusion, preventing the exacerbation of the condition. 

The lightweight cushioning sole with minimal heel-to-toe drop and mild rocker absorbs shock, relieves forefoot pressure, and propels the foot forward, reducing pain and preventing foot fatigue. 

The adjustable strap across the top of the foot allows for a personalized fit, avoiding additional pressure on the forefoot.

Finally, the wide toe box gives the toes room to breathe and spread out, reducing pressure on the tailor's bunion.

In addition to their functional benefits, the Lincoln Center dress shoes are also stylish and versatile. They can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for any occasion.


Best slippers for tailor’s bunion

Women’s Capri Men’s Tuscany

Capri Camel

Why you’ll love it

  • Soft and cozy on the inside
  • Rubber outsoles make them suitable for outdoor wear



  • Sizes: women 5-12; men 7-14
  • Widths: women Standard (B) - Wide (D) | men Standard (D) - Wide (2E)
  • Upper materials: leather
  • Available colors: Capri - camel | Tuscany - brown


The women's Capri and men's Tuscany moccasin slippers offer a unique blend of style, comfort, and functionality.

The luxurious faux fur lining envelops your feet, providing a cozy and pampering sensation. 

The enclosed shoe design offers 100% protection, enveloping your feet from all sides. What's more, these slippers are crafted with a durable rubber outsole typically found in regular shoes, allowing you to confidently wear them outside the house. They are so comfortable that sometimes, you might even forget they're on your feet.

These slippers offer a premier orthotic insole that hugs your arches, effectively reducing arch drop and relieving pressure on the forefoot. Moreover, the thick and trampoline-like pad under the heel fat pad offers protective cushioning for the heel bone and arch, enhancing overall comfort.

The women's Capri and men's Tuscany are thoughtfully engineered with extra depth and a wide forefoot. This design creates a pressure free space for the foot and toes, making them particularly suitable for problematic foot conditions, including tailor's bunions. 

Additionally, if you require custom insoles, you have the flexibility to remove the included orthotic and replace it with your own, ensuring a personalized fit and support.


Best sandals for tailor’s bunion

Women’s Juno

Juno Black

Why you’ll love it

  • A two-way strap allows fastening and unfastening from both sides of the sandal
  • Orthotic insoles realign the foot with the legs and body



  • Sizes: 5-12
  • Widths: Standard (B) - Wide (D)
  • Upper materials: leather 
  • Available colors: black


At the heart of these sandals is the premium orthotic insole, complete with anatomical arch support that realign the foot and correct the entire body's posture, which is what makes these the best sandals for bunions and tailor’s bunions.

The Juno sandals also incorporate a wide toe box to prevent pressure on the forefoot and tailor’s bunion, ensuring that there is enough room for toes to spread out comfortably.

The two-way strap system is another standout feature that allows you to secure and release the sandals from both the inside and outside of the shoe. This feature is especially beneficial if bending down and reaching the shoe's outer side causes discomfort or poses difficulties for you. In addition, you can use the strap to adjust the fit and essentially customize it.

Crafted with soft leather and fabric upper, these sandals provide a non-binding fit, reducing friction and irritation. The interior of the sandals is lined with soft, padded fabric without any overlays, ensuring a smooth and irritation free experience. 

In addition, the cushioning sole, minimal heel drop and a mild rocker design improve walking ease, add a spring to your step, and minimize any discomfort and pain caused by tailor’s bunions.


Men’s Gemini

Gemini Brown

Why you’ll love it

  • A total of 3 straps allow you to customize fit
  • Multi-layered cushioning from heel to toe



  • Sizes: 7-14
  • Widths: Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4D)
  • Upper materials: leather
  • Available colors: black, brown


These sandals are designed with a two-way strap system that allows you to choose if you prefer opening them from the inside or outside. Opening the strap from the inner side creates a wide opening, making it very easy to slip your feet in and out of the sandals. The outer strap, on the other hand, is all about fine-tuning the fit, which you can adjust once during the initial wear, or whenever you feel the need for it.

The sandals also feature two additional straps that enhance their functionality. A back strap lovingly snuggles up with your heels, ensuring they stay securely in place. Meanwhile, a strap across the toe area provides essential support and comfort, particularly beneficial for people with tailor's bunions.

These sandals are also equipped with premium orthotic insoles  and as you walk, these insoles dynamically conform to the contours of your feet, evenly spreading pressure and providing a level of customized support that you deserve.

Moreover, the multiple foam layers within the insoles offer top-notch cushioning from heel to toe. They are thoughtfully designed with a heel-to-toe drop and a toe spring that creates a mild rocker effect. In practical terms, this means that walking in these sandals is easier and minimizes discomfort.


Best boots for tailor’s bunion

Women’s Florence

Florence waterproof camel

Why you’ll love it

  • Two strap closure for adjustability and easy on/off wear
  • Keeps feet warm and dry



  • Sizes: 5-12
  • Widths: Standard (B) - Extra Wide (2E)
  • Upper materials: leather
  • Available colors: water resistant - camel, black | waterproof - camel, brown, black, taupe


The women's Florence boots combine warmth, comfort and support to combat the winter chill.

The innovative design of these boots features two hook and loop straps across the instep. This allows the boot to open up completely, letting the tongue fall forward, so you can effortlessly step into them, sparing you the struggle of squeezing into tight footwear. Moreover, it enables you to achieve a secure and customized fit tailored to your unique foot shape, offering comfort and convenience.

Florence presents two options to cater to different needs: waterproof and water-resistant. The water-resistant version boasts a super soft and pliable suede upper that exerts minimal pressure on the tailor’s bunion. The entire interior, from the top to the insole, is generously lined with thick synthetic fur, ensuring your feet stay warm and toasty.

On the other hand, the waterproof version features a treated leather upper with sealed seams and a gusseted tongue. This configuration effectively keeps your feet dry and warm, making it ideal for wet winter conditions. Additionally, the rubber sole and unique tread design provide superior traction and grip on slippery surfaces, enhancing safety during winter excursions.

Unlike many shearling boots, Florence goes the extra mile by prioritizing the health of your feet. These boots incorporate full orthotic support and cushioning, which not only offer comfort, but also alleviate tailor’s bunion pain.

Men’s Hunter

Hunter Olive

Why you’ll love it

  • Keep your feet dry and comfortable
  • Heavy on the orthopedic features, light on your feet



  • Sizes: 7-14
  • Widths: Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4E)
  • Upper materials: stretch knit
  • Available colors: water resistant - olive, brown | waterproof - black 


Hunter is a versatile boot suitable for a range of activities, whether it's spending long hours on your feet or enjoying the outdoors.

These boots improve your gait and walking experience. The boots achieve this through a combination of anatomical arch support, supportive cushioning, minimal heel drop and a mild rocker bottom sole. These elements prevent your feet from rolling inward, resulting in each stride requiring less effort and putting less pressure on the tailor’s bunion.

Crafted with soft, waterproof or water resistant uppers (depending on the version), these boots ensure that your feet stay dry, even when navigating rugged terrains. 

Hunter pays special attention to comfort with a well-padded heel collar that provides extra cushioning for the sensitive heel and ankle areas. This padding ensures that every step you take is comfortable and well supported.

On the inside, the boots feature an entirely seamless construction. This seamless design offers a soft and irritation free contact with the skin, prioritizing your comfort.

Paired with the wide last design and extra depth, these boots ensure a pressure free fit for your feet, accommodating tailor's bunions and other foot conditions with ease.


What shoes are good for tailor's bunions?

Seeing as a tailor's bunion, colloquially known as a bunionette, is a condition characterized by a bony prominence or bump at the base of the fifth metatarsal bone, typically affecting the pinky toe, it can be greatly influenced by your footwear choices. 

It’s important to note that this condition bears striking similarities to a traditional bunion, which manifests as a bony lump at the base of the big toe, which is also affected by the shoes you wear.

So, as a general rule, it's advisable to: 

  • Choose shoes with a wider toe box to accommodate the foot comfortably and allow the pinky toe to rest naturally without pressure or friction. Although you can make shoes wider for bunions, it’s preferable to simply buy shoes that are already constructed with a wide toe box. 
  • Opt for footwear featuring a rounded toe design that doesn’t put pressure on the pinky toe.
  • Choose shoes that are constructed with high quality cushioning and shock absorbing properties.
  • Choose shoes designed with stretchable upper materials, as they tend to mold to your individual foot shape, including any protrusions.
  • ​​Choose shoes with an interior that is seam free and soft against the bunion, which could be painful and sensitive.

What heel drop is best for a tailor's bunion? 

When selecting shoes for bunions, it's essential to focus on options with a minimal heel drop to alleviate discomfort and promote proper alignment.

The heel drop that is typically recommended for a tailor's bunion is minimal. This minimal heel drop, compared to high heels, prevents all the pressure and shock forces from being transferred from the heel to the forefoot. This way, it reduces pressure on the affected area and provides better comfort for people with tailor's bunions. 

Incidentally, it is worth noting that all the shoes listed above feature a minimal heel drop of ½  an inch.

What makes a tailor's bunion worse?

To minimize the occurrence and severity of tailor's bunions, it’s best to avoid wearing high heeled shoes, especially those with pointed toes, as they can exacerbate the condition. These types of shoes force the toes into unnatural positions, creating pressure and friction on the already vulnerable bunionette. Opting for footwear that is excessively narrow can also contribute to discomfort and further irritation. 

Therefore, to prevent bunions from getting worse, you should avoid heels exceeding 2 inches in height and with a narrow, pointy toe box. In addition, lower heeled shoes with adequate arch support and cushioning can help distribute weight more evenly across the foot, reducing the strain on the bunionette.

Do toe spacers help tailor’s bunion?

There is no evidence that toe spacers provide relief for or cure tailor's bunions. 

While toe spacers can help with some toe alignment and may alleviate mild discomfort, tailor's bunions typically involve more complex structural issues, such as the deviation of the fifth metatarsal bone. In such cases, more comprehensive treatments, like properly fitted footwear and orthotics, are required.