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5 Best Shoes for Teachers

By Ron Bar / Oct 12, 2022

Being a teacher is not as easy as we might think. Teachers have a great responsibility of educating, role modeling, and instilling habits and behaviors that will accompany children through their adult lives. And all this is done standing on their feet all day! This is very exhausting and of course can take a toll on the feet & body which can lead to pain, injuries or the development of certain conditions. 

Standing long hours has been linked to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs),  injuries that affect the body’s movement in muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, discs, and blood vessels.

These disorders can produce conditions like tendonitis, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis and ball of the foot pain, to name a few. That said, studies have shown that wearing comfortable and appropriate footwear has an impact on preventing and treating MSDs. Since we care and admire all educators out there, we have ranked our five best and most comfortable shoes for teachers.

     1. Coral - Most Comfortable Sneakers

Coral Orthopedic Shoes


 Our Coral Stretch Knit has within its design Orthofeet’s Ortho-Cushion Technology that helps relieve foot and heel pain, works wonders for sensitive feet, and helps alleviate and prevent most mobility issues. Most importantly, it has a built in orthotic insole that reinforces good posture throughout the day by supporting the arch and aligning our body to eliminate  back ache and soreness at the end of the day!

Coral will fit your feet like a glove thanks to the stretchable upper it has. It will conform to your foot shape and is a must buy for anyone with bunions, hammertoes and swollen feet. You will also move more easily and effortlessly because of the ergonomics sole design that propels the foot forward and adds spring to your step. 

The only difficult decision you will need to make is what color to purchase! Coral is available in an assortment of 9 colors that will pair with whatever you wear for the day on the job.  

Shop Coral

     2. Solerno - Best Slip On Shoes

Solerno Orthopedic Shoe


Solerno are the best shoes for teachers that find themselves not only standing for long periods of time but running around a lot as well. The slip-on offering quick and easy on/off wear. The strap across the instep is adjustable and allows you to tailor the fit according to your foot shape for a secure grip.  The Solerno is super cute, sleek and durable, made with soft pliable leather that is very easy to maintain. Plus, your feet will enjoy a pressure free fit all around. 

Solerno is characterized by its mild rocker design, rocking your foot forward which improves the ease of walking, a must for any teacher taking a thousands of steps a day

This everyday shoe will promote biomechanical movement by providing plenty of space for the toes to move around thanks to the generous toe box. Together with the orthotic insole & multiple cushioning layers, your feet will be supported and pain free until you get home. 

Solerno is available in black and camel. 

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     3. Palma Stretch- Best Stretchable Shoe


Palma Orthopedic Shoes

Palma is the best shoes for teachers wanting a modern look without sacrificing comfort. Designed with 4-way stretch fabric, it is the ideal shoe for teachers running around all day who might experience swelling as a result of prolonged standing. Furthermore, if you happen to have a bunion, hammertoe or wide feet, the upper will stretch over any shape offering a relaxed and pressure free fit. 

This shoe is designed with a soft, padded fabric interior with no overlays that eliminates irritation and provides superior protection for sensitive feet. All Palma’s best feature is its premium insole that helps  maintain a good posture throughout the day by propping the arch, controlling overpronation and allowing the feet to remain in a neutral position.  Its unique technology incorporates air pockets within the sole and extra heel cushioning to absorb shock forces and make you feel as though you are walking on air. 

This lace up style is available in black and gray  that can be easily paired with any formal and non formal school dress code, and best of all its vegan!

Shop Palma

     4. Sanibel- Best Mary Jane style


Sanibel Orthopedic Mary Jane

For a more feminine style and of course healthy feet, Sanibel will be your go to shoe. This adorable mary jane will meet all your needs throughout your day, minimizing foot, leg and back pain, and bringing back spring to your step.

Sanibel is uniquely designed with several features that allow you to create a custom fit based on your specific needs. To start, it is designed with a padded instep strap that is gentle on the skin and won’t cause any irritation across the bone. The next feature, an adjustable heel strap, can be tightened or loosened around any heel shape and size to prevent slippage. If you have a wide heel, or a narrow heel these shoes will fit the bill. The upper material is made from mesh fabric, promoting air flow and keeping your feet cool and dry. 

Plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and overpronation will be a thing of the past because of the innovative technology these shoes have. Anatomical arch support, 5 layers of cushioning, a wide toe box, extra depth and a seam free interior create the optimal environment for feet that work 12 hour days.

Shop Sanibel

     5.  Florence Waterproof- Best Comfortable Winter Boot


Florence Orthopedic Waterproof Boot


Winter is just around the corner, and we cannot forget that our teachers' feet need to be cozy and stylish as well. Florence pairs style, functionality and therapeutic detailing for the utmost comfort and protection when the temperatures dip.

As the name suggests, Florence will keep your feet warm and dry. The leather is treated, the seams are sealed and it is constructed with a gusseted tongue that prevents water from seeping in. The sole is made from special rubber and a unique tread pattern to channel water away from the shoe, ensuring extra traction and grip. 

Designed with Ortho-Cushion Technology that includes a built in medical grade insole, shock dispersing foam, and anti-microbial top cover, these boots provide relief for common foot and mobility conditions, enabling healthy and active lifestyles. 

Two hook and loop straps create a very wide opening making them convenient to put on and off, plus they allow for a custom fit and ensure your foot doesn't slide around. 

Florence is also available in another variation, made with plush faux fur for extra warmth. 

Shop Florence


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