The most fashionable but comfy shoes for teachers

By Orthofeet Team  /  August 18, 2023 Blog Home

Being a teacher is not easy. Teachers have a great responsibility of educating, role modeling, and even instilling habits and behaviors in children to some extent. And all this is done standing on their feet all day! Teaching can be exhausting and take a toll on the feet and body, which can lead to pain, injuries or the development of certain conditions. 

Research found that standing long hours has been linked to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), injuries that affect the body’s movement by impacting the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, discs and blood vessels. 

These disorders can produce conditions like tendonitis, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis and ball of the foot pain, to name a few. That said, studies have shown that wearing comfortable and appropriate footwear can help prevent and treat MSDs.

Since we admire teachers and want to make your lives easier and healthier, we have ranked our best and most comfortable shoes for teachers. But most importantly, educator heroes can now enjoy special back to school prices on all Orthofeet’s innovative footwear. Our way of saying thank you for your dedication and hard work.

Best shoes for teachers with plantar fasciitis

Women’s Palma


Why you’ll love it

  • Accommodates any foot shape
  • Extra heel cushioning



  • Sizes: women 5-12
  • Widths: Standard (B) - Extra Wide (2E)
  • Upper materials: stretch knit


Palma are the best plantar fasciitis shoes and are perfect for teachers wanting a modern look without sacrificing comfort. 

Palma’s best plantar fasciitis feature is its premium insole that helps maintain a good posture throughout the day by propping up the arch, controlling over pronation and allowing the feet to remain in a neutral position. This anatomical arch support feature keeps the overworked plantar fascia in a neutral position, reducing or eliminating the stress and pain experienced. 

Its unique technology incorporates air pockets within the sole and extra heel cushioning to absorb shock forces and make you feel as though you are walking on air. 

Designed with 4-way stretch fabric, it is the ideal shoe for teachers who run around all day and might experience swelling as a result of prolonged standing. Furthermore, if you happen to have a bunion, hammertoe or wide feet, the upper will stretch over any shape, offering a relaxed and pressure free fit. 

This shoe is designed with a soft, padded fabric interior with no overlays that eliminates irritation and provides superior protection for sensitive feet. 

This lace up style is available in black and gray that can be easily paired with any formal and non formal school dress code.


Men’s Tabor


Why you’ll love it

  • Perfectly balances style and comfort
  • Significantly minimizes plantar fasciitis pain



  • Sizes: 7-14
  • Widths: Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4E)
  • Upper materials:  stretch knit and soft leather 


The Tabor shoes are an excellent choice for teachers with plantar fasciitis who are seeking a comfortable and stylish casual option. Unlike many other orthopedic shoes, these shoes strike a perfect balance between style and comfort.

Designed with superior support and cushioning in mind, the Tabor shoes feature contoured orthotic plantar fasciitis insoles, ergonomic sole, and cushioned collar and tongue. These elements work together to ensure your feet, and especially your plantar fascia, remain well supported and at ease throughout the day. You can expect to experience less to no plantar fasciitis pain or discomfort. 

Crafted with high quality materials, these shoes are not only durable but also breathable, keeping your feet cool and dry even during long hours. The stretch knit design provides both breathability and a customized fit that embraces your feet, catering to various foot shapes, including those with protrusions.

Another feature that sets these shoes apart is their wide toe box, offering ample room for your toes to move freely and avoid unnecessary pressure throughout your busy day.


Best casual shoes for teachers

Women’s Sanibel


Why you’ll love it

  • Stylish and feminine
  • Multiple adjustability options



  • Sizes: women 5-12
  • Widths: Narrow (A) - Extra Extra Wide (4E)
  • Upper materials: soft leather and stretch knit


For a more feminine style and of course healthy feet, Sanibel will be your go to shoe. 

This adorable mary jane will meet all your needs throughout your day, minimizing foot, leg and back pain, and bringing back spring to your step.

Sanibel is uniquely designed with several features that allow you to create a custom fit based on your specific needs. 

To start, it is designed with a padded instep strap that is gentle on the skin and won’t cause any irritation across the bone. The next feature, an adjustable heel strap, can be tightened or loosened around any heel shape and size to prevent slippage. If you have a wide or a narrow heel, these shoes will fit the bill. 

The upper material is made from soft leather, as well as mesh fabric that promotes airflow and keeps your feet cool and dry. 

 Anatomical arch support, 5 layers of cushioning, a wide toe box, extra depth and a seam free interior create the optimal environment for feet that work long hours each day.


Men’s Leo


Why you’ll love it

  • Looks great, feels great
  • Wide toe box for natural toe splay



  • Sizes: 7-14
  • Widths: Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4E)
  • Upper materials: soft leather


The casual Leo shoes are a perfect match for teachers, offering both style and practicality without compromising on comfort.

These dress shoes come with built in anatomical, removable arch support, ensuring they not only look great but also align your feet with your body for proper posture. 

No more discomfort caused by ill fitting shoes! The soft leather uppers provide a comfortable fit that won't squeeze your feet. The wide toe box allows your toes to spread naturally, reducing pressure and potential foot damage.

The mild rocker design of these shoes is a game changer, especially for those dealing with foot pain or conditions. By reducing the impact on your feet and joints with every step, the rocker design ensures a more efficient and less fatiguing walking experience.

The rubber outsole of the Leo shoes provides stability, security and steadfast support for your everyday activities. Whether you're in the classroom or on the move, the Leo shoes will keep you stable at all times.


Best sneakers for teachers    

Women’s Kita | Men’s Yari


Why you’ll love it

  • No hands needed to slip in and out of them
  • Water repellent uppers that are easily cleaned



  • Sizes: women 5-12 | men 7-14
  • Widths: Standard (B) - Extra Wide (2E) | men Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4E)
  • Upper materials: stretch knit


The women’s Kita and men’s Yari sneakers are an ideal choice for teachers seeking comfort and relief throughout their busy days, and are two of the best shoes for standing all day. Designed with features to alleviate foot and leg pain, these sneakers prioritize your wellbeing.

The breathable, water repellent mesh uppers keep your feet cool and dry, and are extremely easy to clean, no matter how wild your day (or the kids) gets. The uppers are also stretchy, which means it will conform to your foot shape and is a must buy for anyone with bunions, hammertoes and swollen feet

The innovative back construction is a time saver thanks to a special spring incorporated in the design. This allows you to effortlessly slip your foot into the sneakers without bending down or fussing with laces. In other words: the perfect shoes for days on the run (which is basically every day, right?).

The contoured orthotic insole offers excellent arch support, evenly distributing pressure across the foot to reduce stress on your legs and back. In addition, the cushioned sole absorbs shock, lessening the impact with each step.

The expertly cushioned insoles with anatomical arch support take care of your feet and legs as you walk and stand, while the mild rocker design enhances ease of movement.

With the Kita and Yari sneakers you'll find walking requires less effort, minimizing muscle fatigue in your feet and legs. 


Best fashionable shoes for teachers

Women’s Emma


Why you’ll love it

  • As comfortable as a sneaker
  • Ergonomically shaped 2-inch heel puts no pressure on the forefoot



  • Sizes: 5-12
  • Widths: Standard (B) - Wide (D)
  • Upper materials: soft leather


The Emma booties offer a unique blend of orthopedic comfort and stylish design, making them an excellent choice for teachers seeking both functionality and fashion in their footwear.

One of the standout features of these boots is their inconspicuous orthopedic design. You wouldn't be able to tell just by looking at them that they provide orthopedic support, making them perfect for professionals who want to look stylish without sacrificing comfort.

Crafted with care, the Emma booties boast several elements that ensure comfort throughout the day. Despite having a 2-inch heel, they are engineered to be as comfortable as sneakers. The ergonomically shaped heel evenly distributes weight, alleviating pressure on the forefoot and allowing you to walk without experiencing foot pain.

The wide toe box is a welcome addition, providing ample space for your toes to spread out, preventing foot pain and potential foot conditions. Accompanied by a cushioned insole, these boots offer support and comfort, reducing overall fatigue and discomfort.


Men’s Zodiac


Why you’ll love it

  • Comfortable slip on design
  • Non-binding fit



  • Sizes: 7-14
  • Widths: Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4E)
  • Upper materials: soft leather 


With their slip on design, the Leo shoes are incredibly easy to put on and take off, making them ideal for those who are looking for a quick and effortless shoe wearing experience, as well as individuals with limited mobility. There’s also no need to tie laces or fasten any buckles - the adjustable strap across the instep allows for a customized fit without the hassle.

Beyond their trendy appearance, the Leo shoes prioritize comfort. Crafted with premium quality materials, including soft, non-binding leather, these shoes ensure a plush and cozy feel all day long. 

The anatomical orthotic insole provides excellent arch support and cushioning, enhancing overall foot comfort. The ergonomic design helps alleviate pressure points, reducing discomfort and fatigue during extended wear.

The Leo shoes are engineered with a wide toe box, allowing room for toe movement and preventing cramped toes. With excellent arch support, they promote proper foot alignment and reduce the risk of foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis or bunions. 

Finally, the lightweight, ergonomic sole absorbs shock, minimizing impact on joints and enhancing overall foot stability.


What kind of shoes should a teacher wear?

Teachers should look for shoes with specific design features that can support their feet throughout the day. 

  • Orthotic support is crucial, providing arch support and heel cradling to keep feet aligned with the rest of the body. 
  • Shoes with superior cushioning made from unique materials offer optimal shock absorption and comfort, with foam insoles conforming to foot shape for a customized fit. 
  • Adequate cushioning in the heel and around the metatarsal heads is essential to avoid pain and discomfort. 
  • Stretchy or non binding upper materials accommodate foot swelling, which naturally happens during the day, and relieve pressure. 
  • Soles with a minimal heel-to-toe drop and mild rocker design prevent forefoot pressure, and facilitates walking. 
  • Adjustable features, like hook and loop straps, laces, bungee cords and zippers, allow for a comfortable, secure fit tailored to individual needs. 
  • Wide widths cater to various foot shapes and help prevent swelling.


Shoes with these features provide the comfort, support and stability teachers need for long hours on their feet.

Can you wear sneakers as a teacher?

The answer depends on the school, but most schools do not allow teachers to wear flip flops or open toed shoes. Typically, closed toed options, such as sneakers or dress flats, are acceptable. 

How important is comfort versus style in shoes for teachers?

Comfort is paramount when it comes to shoes for teachers. Given the demanding nature of their daily responsibilities, being on their feet throughout the day, requires shoes that prioritize comfort and support. A comfortable pair of shoes can help teachers navigate long days with less fatigue and discomfort, allowing them to focus on their students and tasks without distractions.

While style can be appealing, it should not come at the expense of comfort. Fortunately, there are plenty of shoe options that strike a balance between comfort and style. Shoes designed with supportive features, cushioned insoles and breathable materials can provide the necessary comfort without compromising on style.

How often should teachers replace their work shoes?

The frequency with which you should replace your work shoes can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of the shoes, how often they are worn, the type of activities performed and individual wear patterns.

As a general guideline, it is recommended to replace your shoes every 6 to 12 months, especially if they are worn daily. If you notice signs of significant wear and tear, loss of support, or visible damage, it may be time to replace the shoes sooner.

Regularly inspecting work shoes for signs of wear, checking the soles for excessive wear, and evaluating the support and cushioning can help determine if they need replacement. Paying attention to any discomfort or changes in comfort can also be an indicator that it's time for new shoes.

Remember that investing in high quality, supportive shoes can prolong their lifespan and provide better foot health. 

And here’s a tip: having multiple pairs of work shoes and rotating them can help extend their life and provide continued support to your feet.