Best 5 Men's Shoes for Standing All Day Comfortably in 2021

Medically reviewed by Dr. Josh White, DPM - Written by OrthoFeet Team on Feb 02 2021

When working long hours or if we are very active and simply spend most of our day on our feet, we come to expect foot pain and discomfort as an inevitable consequence. But when this foot pain starts to interfere with how well we work and prevent us from going about our daily activities, we need a better solution when it comes to protecting our feet from long hours spent standing.

The minute we start to feel pain or avoid certain activities, we often blame the activity, the intensity at which it was performed or even the environment. However, we tend to overlook the item that is directly related to our worsening condition and that is the type of shoes we are wearing to perform these activities. This is why the solution is relatively simple! Start by looking at the shoes that are on your feet. Most probably they are either too small and narrow and are not designed with the necessary features to keep you pain free. With this in mind, we have researched the best shoes for standing on your feet all day.

What makes my current shoes so uncomfortable for long hours on my feet?

There can be several reasons why your current shoes just aren’t providing the comfort you need for long days on your feet.

  • • They flex too much, or not in the right places. A shoe that flexes where the foot won't, or a foot that needs to flex where the shoe doesn’t is a recipe for disaster in terms of both immediate and future foot problems. You need something that flexes with your foot in all the right places. If you can twist the shoe or do a 90-degree bend, then it probably doesn’t have enough support.
  • • They are too rigid. Support is important but a shoe that is too rigid in the sole or upper can lead to blisters, excessive swelling, bursitis and pain in the achilles tendon. A shoe that is rigid will make walking more difficult, overwork the joints and muscles and can ultimately lead to injuries. Flexibility and support are crucial.
  • • Are the shoes lacking an orthotic footbed? Shoes with just a flat insert are not going to provide the necessary comfort and cushioning needed for long days on your feet. Only an orthopedic insole will support the foot properly in terms of good arch support and relieve potentially painful stress on the foot. Orthotic inserts will align the body and help you stand and walk without your ankles and feet rolling inwards.
  • • Shoe uppers made from inadequate materials that don’t hold the foot in place, and ones that aren’t able to stretch with your foot will only add more pressure to the feet and cause discomfort, pain and potential foot problems. You need a shoe that is designed with materials that will provide stability but will also be flexible enough to accommodate swelling after longs hours on your feet.
  • • A narrow width, and pointy shape will cram your foot and especially your toes into a space that is just too small for them, meaning increased pressure on the feet. This can lead to bunions, hammertoes as well as corns and calluses while also aggravating existing feet conditions. Shoes with a wide toe box that is also round in shape provide the most comfortable fit.
  • • They are constructed from materials that do not promote breathability. In other words, they won’t provide the adequate airflow you need from a shoe, and without that cooling effect, sweating becomes an issue. Sweaty feet can lead to odor, bacteria and fungus which can aggravate and contribute to future foot issues. A foot with loss of sensation will not recognize these conditions and can be very harmful. Shoes that breathe are critical for long hours spent on your feet both for foot health and comfort in the moment.

What do we look for in the best shoes for standing all day?

  • • Orthotic support is crucial in protecting your feet from long hours spent standing. Orthotic insoles support the arch, cradle the heel and provide the best chances for keeping your feet in line with the rest of the body. They guarantee a comfortable fit, but most importantly will prevent injuries and new foot conditions from developing. Just from wearing insoles, you can treat plantar fasciitis, overpronation, ball of foot pain, achilles tendonitis, heel pain, knee, hip and back pain and so much more.
  • • Superior cushioning made from unique materials that provide the very best shock absorption and comfort. This includes insoles made from foam that conform to your foot shape for a truly customized fit and comfort. The placement of the materials is also important with more cushioning needed in the heel and around the metatarsal heads.
  • • Upper materials with stretch are an important feature of comfortable shoes. Standing all day can cause the feet to swell, but shoes with stretch will provide the necessary give while relieving any further pressure or discomfort on the foot. Supple leather is also a good material to look for in a shoe as it provides more stability and durability.
  • • Shoes with soles designed to facilitate foot motion. A minimal heel to toe drop, and mild rocker soles are the best as they prevent the transfer of weight to the forefoot area which can cause pressure on the foot. An ergonomic design reduces excess movement in the ankle and foot, making walking easier.
  • • Adjustability. Why? A truly comfortable fit depends on finding the right shoe for your foot size and width. No two feet are the same! A person with a narrow foot and wide forefoot would need, for example, to be able to adjust the back of their shoes. And vice versa. Shoes with adjustable features from hook and loop straps, to laces, bungee cords and zippers allow the wearer to adjust the fit of the shoe to their particular needs while also ensuring a secure fit to prevent slippage.
  • • Wide widths are geared for people with feet that are not the standard medium (B) which is what most footwear companies manufacture. Having a choice in width availability ensures the wearer finds a shoe that fits their foot shape the best. Only shoes that come in varying widths can do this. Wide widths are also helpful when it comes to preventing swelling in the feet and are also able to accommodate AFO’s and braces making them truly customizable.

Top 5 Men's Shoes for Standing All Day Comfortably

Highline Boot

Highline Boot

The high upper style of this boot is ideal for those who need more support and stability from their footwear, or who need footwear for a working environment that requires more durability and protection. These boots are designed for people on their feet all day as their orthotic support, soft interior and seam free forefoot make for optimum comfort. The ergonomic sole will immensely help with lightening your stride which makes them perfect for summer adventures, allowing you to keep on moving comfortably and pain free.

The highline’s unique upper design includes extra padding around the heel to protect one of the foot’s areas that is prone to pain and injury. The sole extends up offering protection for toe stubbing and seals the upper with the bottom of the shoe keeping your feet dry.

Your toes will have much room to flex and extend in the round and wide toe box, which is essential for the body’s biomechanical movement.

And of course, they come with durable laces and metal grommets that allow you to create a secure fit for all day wear.

Amongst men's orthopedic shoes, these are one of our best picks and a great choice when deciding between comfortable mens work shoes.

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Hudson Stretchable Clog slipper

Hudson Stretchable Clog slipper

Perfect to wear at home after a long day on your feet. Podiatrist strongly recommend wearing slippers around the house and to never walk barefoot. This will prevent you from stepping on sharp objects that may be lying around, stubbing toes on furniture and exposing your feet to either hot or cold surfaces. This is especially important if you have an existing foot condition such as diabetes or neuropathy and have lost sensation in your feet. The Hudson’s seam free interior and soft, padded linings provide gentle contact with the skin, without irritating it.

What everyone love about these slippers is that they provide the same support and cushioning as some of the best orthopedic shoes for men, meaning both comfort and protection when you are home and not wearing your outside shoes. So, for example, if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, you will continue to get relief while wearing the Hudson because they are uniquely designed with an orthotic insole. The thick cushioning footbed will also feel great under your feet and will gradually conform to your shape and gait pattern.

The round and wide toe box will create a relaxed and pressure free environment for your toes which prevents toe overlapping and the formation of bunions and hammertoes.

Designed with breathable fabric uppers, these slippers are light and airy for summer and their slip-on style makes them the perfect at home footwear as they can be easily slipped on and off during the day. They are our top pick for mens shoes for standing long hours whether inside the home or out.

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Edgewater Stretch Knit Athletic

Edgewater Stretch Knit Athletic

Their highlight stretch uppers are perfect for long days on your feet as they stretch and really take the shape of your foot, accommodating potential foot swelling, large bunions and hammertoes.

The fabric uppers coupled with the soft, ultra-padded interiors, which are also seam free, make them comfortable for a long day spent standing. Theses features make them ideal for sensitive feet such as diabetes, neuropathy, and arthritis.

These shoes can fit almost any size and foot shape as they are available from a medium to extra extra wide width (6E), making them one of the widest shoes available on the market, for a truly customized fit. If you need to free up even more room to insert a custom orthotic or brace, the insole can be removed easily.

As mentioned above, the best shoes for standing all day combine flexible uppers yet provide support for the foot. Thanks to the built-in orthotic insole, they support the arch under the foot, minimize overpronation and cushion from heel to toe, making then the best shoes for flat feet and other painful foot conditions.

This sneaker is one of our most popular men's shoes for standing long hours.

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Sprint Athletic Shoe

Sprint Athletic Shoe

This shoe is packed with innovative features not found in other shoes and comes complete with an adjustable heel strap and tie-less feature, meaning the most comfortable fit and one that truly fits your foot.

For those who don’t like the look of straps or have difficulty tying laces, the inventive closure makes it super simple to open and close your shoes. Designed with hidden straps on both sides of the shoe, you will be able to adjust the fit and never have to tie laces again!

The hook and loop strap at the heel make it easy to fit different foot shapes and accommodate even the most challenging foot conditions. Custom braces or feet that need a wide toe box but have a medium or narrow heel will finally be able to achieve a prefect fit.

If you suffer from bunions and hammertoes or have a wide foot, this style is prefect for you. The specific forefoot shape is wide, round and tall and creates a super comfortable fit for the toes, allowing them to spread and wiggle as much as possible. This will prevent the progression of the deformity as well as the formation of new ones.

Their orthotic support protects the foot and prevents foot pain associated with long hours standing on your feet. The 5 advanced high-tech layers combine anatomical arch support, protective cushioning and keeps a naturally aligned spine and body.

This athletic shoe is one of our best men's shoes for standing all day in terms of providing the utmost comfort and fit.

Shop the Sprint-Grey, Tie-Less and Heel Strap.




This is a great sandal for your summer activities, allowing you to continue being active and stand on your feet all day.

The open toe design of the Cambria sandal combines comfort and protection while keeping your feet cool and dry from excessive summer heat.

With a quarter strap upper, your feet will experience the most customization and best fit possible. A forefoot strap (padded of course!) with stretch, is good whether you have a narrow width toe base or a wide one with a bunion. The middle strap across the instep is a two-way strap system that enables you to open and close the sandal from either side. This is extremely helpful for those that have difficulty bending down and reaching the outer or lateral side. The third strap across the heel is also adjustable and can be made really wide to fit a brace or really small to keep a narrow heel in place. The padding there is exceptionally generous and will feel like soft pillows against your skin.

These shoes come with the proprietary Arch Booster to increase support under the arch, especially for those with high arches or want that extra boost. The Cambria insole can also be removed to insert custom orthotics, a feature unique to this sandal and rarely seen in other brands.

If you’re reading this blog you probably really care about your feet or are experience some foot pain due to standing all day. Thanks to the Ortho-Cushion technology that consists of an orthopedic orthotic insole and ergonomic sole, your body will be supported from the ground up, leaving your feet comfortable and pain free for your 12 hour plus days.

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