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Orthofeet bunion boots for men are engineered with unique therapeutic features that help alleviate pressure on bunions: 1. Extra depth and wide toe box design for a pressure free environment. 2. Soft and stretchable uppers that conform to the shape of the foot. 3. Non-binding design in the bunions area. 4. Premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support align the body and straighten the foot and toes. Upgrade to the most comfortable bunion boots for men: Walk comfortably and pain free or your money back!

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More Info on Bunions Causes & Treatment:

A bunion is a bony bump that protrudes from the joint at the base of the big toe. The joint is called the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint and the bunion occurs when bone or tissue on the joint steps out of its proper place. The lump that is then formed from this improper placement can become painful, and the skin covering the joint can thicken and become inflamed and swollen.

What causes it? A leading cause of bunions is wearing shoes that are too tight, but they can also be caused by faulty foot structures, which are often hereditary, and flat or pronated feet. Stress on the feet and certain medical conditions such as arthritis can also cause bunions.

How is it prevented and treated? Preventing bunions should start early because they tend to develop over time. Always wearing well fitted men’s shoes that don’t cramp the toes is also important. Exercises that strengthen the feet can help too. As far as treatment options go, there are several. One of the most important treatment options is wearing shoes for bunions. The best shoes for bunions are shoes that are roomy and comfortable and that provide plenty of room for the toes as well as protective padding, all of which can provide significant pain relief. In addition to wearing orthopedic bunion shoes for men, orthotic insoles that stabilize the joint and keep the foot in the correct walking and standing position can help prevent bunions from getting worse. Other treatment options include men’s bunion socks that separate the big toe and help the toes and joint align properly as well as nighttime splints that do the same when not wearing shoes. In severe cases surgery is required to re-align the foot correctly.

Because of hammer toes on both feet, a corn on my small toe and a number of bunions, plus neuropathy (the kind that causes numbness, I am in need of large shoes which can accommodate the special orthopedic insert and other types of cushioning I require for somewhat normal walking. The Avery Island shoes have met this need so well that I have now purchased a second set of them.

-- Arthur Blumeyer

I have flat feet and bunions. It is hard for me to find comfortable shoes. These fit well and were comfortable out of the box

-- George Yu: Really comfortable shoes

The most comfortable shoes I have ever had. I have bunions but I would never know it in these shoes, I Love them and will definitely be buying more in the future.

-- Richard Wood: Great shoes

Bought them for my son who has bunions and flat feet. First time in forever he came home from work not limping. Wish I had found you years ago. Thank you so much!

-- James Harris: Relief!

I have always suffered from "bad feet". Between wide feet, too-flexible cartilage, bunions. . .I change shoes every 3-4 hours.

This tennis shoe, in wide size, is comfortable, supportive, and attractive. It is definitely worth the price. I'm considering a second pair!

-- Jo Agrimson: Great Shoes

These shoes are very comfortable. I have a wide foot, bunions and calluses on the ball of my feet. Plus they have extra depth which I also need. I am very happy with my shoes. Marie from Churchville, Pa.

-- Diane Oakley: Ortho Stye Witney