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Why are Orthopedic Shoes the Best Type of Footwear?

Aug 16 2018 Tags: Arch Support, extra depth, orthopedic heels, Orthopedic shoes, orthotic insoles, toe box

Why are Orthopedic Shoes the Best Type of Footwear? To answer this question, we should first consider why we need to wear shoes at all. The answer of course is that shoes protect our feet from objects which may hurt us; they are an important barrier to foot injuries such as punctures, cuts, scrapes, burns, and even frost bite. However, it’s not enough just to wear any pair of shoes. In fact, wearing shoes that are poorly made or shoes with insufficient cushion or support can do more harm than good. And this leads us to the question: Why are...

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How To Choose The Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

May 18 2018 Tags: orthopedic shoes, orthotics, plantar fasciitis

How To Choose The Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common and persistent strain injury that causes a burning pain, in the heel or arch of the foot. Sometimes, with a few stretching exercises, a little rest, and perhaps a good pair of orthotics, the condition goes away, but not always. For the more severe cases, one of the first and most effective treatment options doctors suggest is proper shoes. Footwear can be directly related to foot pain and plantar fasciitis. This means that the right footwear can greatly affect your pain level as well as your speed of recovery. But what exactly is the right...

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Top Five Foot Problems: Symptoms and Treatment

Dec 14 2017 Tags: Athlete’s foot, bunions, foot pain, Hammertoes, heel pain, Metatarsalgia, orthopedic shoes, orthotic insole, plantar fasciitis

According to statistical reports, about 75% of the people in the USA suffer from foot problems at some time in their lives. The causes of foot problems can range from ill-fitted shoes, to medical conditions, to sports-related injuries. Whatever the cause, foot problems and foot pain can interfere with our daily functioning and even be debilitating. Because of this, we thought a brief discussion on common foot problems and treatment for each condition would be helpful. 1. Plantar Fasciitis - One of the most common causes of heel pain, is typically just in front of the heel, and can occur...

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The Secret to Stylish orthopedic shoes

Nov 11 2017 Tags: orthopedic shoe, orthopedic shoe for women, orthopedic Shoes, orthopedic shoes for men, orthopedic shoes for women, Parkinson’s disease, stylish orthopedic shoe, stylish orthopedic shoe brands, stylish orthopedic shoes, stylish women’s orthopedic shoe, stylish women’s orthopedic shoes

“Orthopedic” and “stylish” aren’t normally two words that you hear in the same sentence. On the contrary, when we hear the words “orthopedic shoes”, the first image that pops into mind is bulky footwear. Orthopedic shoes are designed for people with conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, all of which require a design with a roomy toe box and extra depth for accommodating insoles and orthotics. These requirements make it challenging to design orthopedic shoes that are stylish, however, Orthofeet has found a way - yes, even for stylish women’s orthopedic shoes! How did we do it?...

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Foot Pain? Mobility Issues? Learn How Innovative Footwear Can Help

Jul 15 2017 Tags: Arch Support, Arthritis, ball of the foot pain, bunions, Diabetes, Flat Feet, foot pain, insoles, Neuropathy, orthopedic Shoes, orthotic insole, Shoes

Foot problems can occur due to a variety of reasons, including foot deformities, medical conditions, injuries, poorly designed shoes, or age. You are at higher risk of developing foot problems in the presence of any of the following factors: Frequent wearing of poorly fitted shoes Diabetes Neuropathy (loss of sensation) in the feet and ankles Bunions or hammertoes Arthritis Flat feet or highly arched feet     Making healthy choices for your feet, much like eating a nutritious diet or getting regular exercise, can add up to big improvements in quality of life, says Marian Hannan, associate professor of medicine...

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