10 Best Shoes for Insertional Achilles Tendonitis

Medical information provided by Steven Gershman DPM  /  Written by OrthoFeet Team on March 03, 2024 Blog Home

Welcome to our carefully curated list of the top 10 shoes recommended for insertional Achilles tendonitis. Before we jump into our selection, just a heads-up: you can find in-depth medical insights about this condition further along in the article, courtesy of podiatrist Dr. Steven Gershman. 

Now, let's outline the key design features recommended by Dr. Gershman for treating and alleviating insertional Achilles tendonitis, all of which are embodied in the shoes on our list:

  • A solid heel counter to address pronation at the heel bone.
  • A fairly stiff midsole with a solid outsole to provide stability.
  • A deep shoe design to control pronation and accommodate inserts or orthotics commonly used in treatment.
  • A round and wide toe box to promote proper foot alignment during gait.


With that groundwork laid, it’s time for the main event: the list of recommended shoes.

Best walking shoes for insertional Achilles tendonitis

Women’s Verve


Why you’ll love it

  • A hidden fastening system on both sides allows you to micro-adjust the fit 
  • Anatomical arch support and firm heel counter keep your gait in check



  • Sizes: 5-12
  • Widths: Standard (B) - Extra Wide (2E)
  • Upper materials: stretch knit
  • Available colors: turquoise, fuschia, black


At first glance, the Verve isn't your typical clunky ortho shoe. They are stylish, with clean lines and pops of color that make you feel put-together, rather than like you’re sacrificing fashion for function. But the magic is really in the fit.

The tie-less lacing system is a revelation. No more fumbling with knots, no more uneven pressure points. Just slip your foot in, adjust the heel strap for a snug fit, and you’re ready to roll. 

The secret of this sneaker is in its hidden fastening system on both sides, allowing you to micro-adjust the fit to your exact foot shape. 

Made from lightweight, breathable material, these sneakers are ideal for any activity. Picture air circulating within the shoe, keeping your feet cool and comfortable at all times. The stretchy construction adapts to your foot shape, providing a pressure free haven for every step.

Then there’s the cloud-like cushioning sole, blending air and foam technology to soften every impact, along with anatomical arch support that keeps your gait in check.

Feedback from users

“The answer to insertional achilles tendonitis.

These shoes gave me the first real pain relief in 6 months from insertional tendonitis. Physical therapy was only marginally helpful and these shoes enabled me to walk normally again and reduced the inflammation so it could heal. Now I am able to hike again and not feel crippling pain afterward. The ability to tailor these to my feet by adjusting as needed is amazing. I also bought a pair of the Malibu sandals and they also feel great and enable me to walk painlessly.”

Diane Robertson 

Men’s Sorrento


Why you’ll love it

  • Shoes that understand the importance of proper alignment
  • Built to tackle various terrains with advanced grip rubber outsole



  • Sizes: 7-14
  • Widths: Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4E)
  • Upper materials: soft leather and fabric
  • Available colors: brown, blue-gray


If insertional Achilles tendonitis is your unwelcome companion, the Sorrento walking shoes might just be the answer you've been searching for.

These aren't your average clunky hiking shoes. Sure, they're built to tackle various terrains with soft yet firm uppers and advanced grip rubber outsole. But the real magic lies in the comfort and support they offer.

First off, forget about pressure points and friction. The seamless, soft interior cradles your feet, even after miles of exploration. Add to that the plush foam padding for a soft, seamless environment.

The Sorrentos understand the importance of proper alignment. The removable anatomical insole provides arch support, ensuring your plantar fascia isn't stretched, minimizing that familiar heel pain. Multiple layers of shock absorbing materials and strategically placed air pockets further cushion your steps, taking the stress off your Achilles.

And let's not forget efficiency. The optimal heel-to-toe drop and the slightly curved, ergonomic sole work together to propel you forward with every stride, ensuring your feet don't tire easily.

Feedback from users

“Bought three pairs of shoes. I am a 73 year old woman with a left foot that is larger than the right. Also have problems with bilateral plantar fasciitis and left insertional achilles tendonitis. I buy men's size 8 extra wide. Your shoes have saved my feet. If my feet are happy, I am happy.”

Christine McClure

Best slippers for insertional Achilles tendonitis

Women’s Lorin | Men’s Vito



Why you’ll love it

  • Full foot protection indoors and out
  • Keep your feet warm and well supported for more pain-free hours



  • Sizes: women 5-12; men 7-14
  • Widths: women Standard (B) - Extra Wide (2E) | men Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4E)
  • Upper materials: leather
  • Available colors: Lorin - bordeaux, light brown, black | Vito - olive, black


Forget the awkward bending to put on slippers. These ingenious slippers feature a patented slip on system, a built in spring gently guiding your foot in and securing a snug fit without you lifting a finger. Then, an adjustable strap lets you personalize the fit, ensuring your foot finds the perfect balance between comfort and security.

Step onto the lightweight, cushioned sole, and feel how it softens impacts, taking the pressure off your joints, including your Achilles. Each stride becomes smoother, easier, almost effortless.

But true comfort goes beyond just physical ease. The Vito and Lorin slippers understand the link between foot health and overall wellbeing. That's why they come equipped with premium orthotic insoles, featuring removable arch support, that actively realign your foot and posture, ensuring your arches get the support they crave and promoting a healthier body alignment.

These slippers are also designed with a non-binding fit, allowing your toes to splay naturally. And if you have custom orthotics, the removable insoles welcome them with open arms.

Feedback from users


“Best Slippers ever!

I just never can get comfortable slippers that don’t get too big after wearing them and they slide down in the back and you can easily fall down the stairs. I decided to get the Lorin Hands-Free slippers. I love Orthofeet shoes and sneakers so I had nothing to lose. Let me tell you, I love them. They actually have a piece in the back of the slippers that they cannot fold down. They stay on your feet plus help my feet. They are comfortable and help your feet feel refreshed.”

Debbie Wiegman 



I bought these slippers for my dad because I recently received a pair for myself as a gift and loved them. My dad has struggled with finding slippers that he liked and has gone through dozens of pairs in his attempts to find one he liked. It seemed like there was a new box delivered a couple of times a month from various online orders he placed for slippers, and then returned because he didn't like how they felt. It became a running joke in our house every time a delivery came, I'd ask if he had ordered more slippers. He has now had his Orthofeet slippers for a month and LOVES them! He got rid of all his other ones. We have FINALLY found him a pair of slippers that he likes. He loves the support and the feel. I love mine too! Thank you, Orthofeet!”

Nicole Brouillette


Best boots for insertional Achilles tendonitis

Women’s Rosel


Why you’ll love it

  • Patented hands free technology lets you simply step in and go 
  • Expertly cushioned sole with a mild rocker design softens impacts



  • Sizes: 5-12
  • Widths: Standard (B) - Extra Wide (2E)
  • Upper materials: leather
  • Available colors: brown, black


No more struggling with laces or bending over. Rosel's patented hands free technology lets you simply step in and go, leaving the fumbling behind. And once your foot finds its home, prepare for pure comfort. The wide toe box and padded interior offer a pressure free environment, even for swollen feet, bunions, hammertoes and other protrusions.

But comfort isn't just about plushness. Rosel recognizes the connection between foot health and overall wellbeing. That's why they come equipped with premium orthotic insoles, featuring removable arch support. This isn't just any insole; it actively realigns your foot and posture, helping to correct overpronation and ensuring your arches are supported, potentially alleviating heel and foot pain, including that familiar Achilles ache.

Plus, the expertly cushioned sole with a mild rocker design softens impacts and adds a spring to your step, making every walk smoother and more enjoyable.

Feedback from users

“Several years ago, my feet were crushed in a head on traffic collision in which I was the victim. They were able to save my feet, but I have been in a yearly search for footwear that would relieve my ever changing pain and not inflame my nerve pain issues. I have spent thousands in my search, even purchasing orthotics from a specialist who custom creates them for diabetics who have lost toes or parts of their feet due to the condition. This very expensive endeavour did not bring me any relief. 

I have lived in bouts of incredible pain, until I encountered the Orthofeet sight on my computer! I am so grateful to have found what I call ‘a friend’ in my Orthofeet shoes! They have given me back much of my quality of life. My Orthofeet have provided the comfort, space and support my feet (one in particular) have needed to go about my daily life without interruption. And because my feet are each a bit different in length and width now, the insoles enable me to snug up my right foot while keeping the space needed for my left foot. The frosting on the cake is that they are handsome…I love it when I get comments on my attractive footwear and asked where I purchased them…”

Leslie Staanden-Trujillo

Men’s Verno


Why you’ll love it

  • Forget about bending over to tie laces and just step in
  • Extra depth, a padded interior and a wide toe box for a pressure-free fit



  • Sizes: 7-14
  • Widths: Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4E)
  • Upper materials: leather
  • Available colors: black


Ditch the contortions and awkward bending required by traditional boots. Verno's ingenious slip on system welcomes your foot with a simple step in motion, leaving you free to conquer the day without a fuss. 

Picture stepping into a plush, padded sanctuary – the wide toe box comfortably embraces even swollen feet and protrusions, making your life painless and more comfortable.

Yet, true comfort goes beyond mere softness. Verno features premium orthotic insoles with removable arch support that is a master of realignment, ensuring your feet don’t overpronate to alleviate Achilles pain. 

Stability is paramount, and Verno doesn't falter. The solid midsole and grippy outsole form an unwavering partnership, providing steadfast support on even the most uneven terrain. The low heel design, meanwhile, encourages a natural, balanced walking motion, keeping you sure footed and confident. And finally, there’s also great ankle support that also helps keep you stable on your feet.

Feedback from users

“Ultimate comfort!!!

I love wearing these boots, especially in the rain. They really grip the sidewalk and prevent me from slipping.”

Frederick Wright

Best casual shoes for insertional Achilles tendonitis

Women’s Stroll


Why you’ll love it

  • Stylish shoes that come equipped with premium orthotic insoles
  • Built-in arch support actively realigns your feet



  • Sizes: 5-12
  • Widths: Standard (B) - Extra Wide (2E)
  • Upper materials: suede
  • Available colors: blue, black, taupe


Stroll's chic patterned suede exterior blends seamlessly with its therapeutic features, making them as pleasing to the eye as they are to your feet. But unlike ordinary shoes, Stroll prioritizes optimal support.

Imagine stepping into a world of softness. The heel-to-toe cushioning sole, a clever blend of air and foam, cradles your feet with every step, absorbing impact and providing support. The slightly curved sole adds a spring-like feel to your stride, making even long walks feel effortless.

But the Stroll shoes know that comfort isn't just about plushness. That’s why they come equipped with premium orthotic insoles, featuring built-in arch support. This isn't just any insole; it actively realigns your foot, addressing issues like overpronation and potentially alleviating that familiar Achilles ache.

And if you have insertional tendonitis, you'll appreciate the thoughtful design even more. The wide, round toe box offers enough space for swollen feet, ensuring comfort throughout the day. The extra depth adds to the roomy feel, eliminating any pressure you might experience.

Feedback from users

“Excellent. I love these shoes. They are very comfortable. My feet never felt so good.”

Cindy Bonagurio

Men’s Moreno


Why you’ll love it

  • So aesthetically appealing, incredibly supportive
  • Cushioned soles that promote better posture and prevent overpronation


  • Sizes: 7-14
  • Widths: Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4E)
  • Upper materials: leather
  • Available colors: brown, black


These shoes won’t pinch or bind your feet. Moreno's soft, water repellent leather embraces your feet in a non-binding fit, a must have for anyone wrestling with insertional tendonitis. 

Still, the comfort runs deep. When you step into the Moreno, you'll immediately feel its plush, padded embrace, free from any irritating overlays. Each stride becomes a pleasure, courtesy of the supportive interior lining.

Moreno was designed with a deep understanding of the science behind pain relief. That's why they are constructed with premium orthotic insoles featuring anatomical arch support. These insoles help prevent overpronation, actively working to reduce discomfort and promote better posture.

And as for efficiency, the cushioning sole with its gentle rocker design doesn't just soften impacts, it actually propels your foot forward with each step, adding a spring to your gait and making walking effortlessly smooth.

To help you maintain stability, Moreno’s rubber outsole provides advanced road grip, helping you navigate your day with confidence, pain free.

Feedback from users

“Love everything about this shoe, quality of leather and craftsmanship. It is so comfortable that my feet don’t hurt anymore.”

Edgar Ramirez

Best sandals for insertional Achilles tendonitis

Women’s Sahara


Why you’ll love it

  • Three comfy straps open completely, welcoming your feet
  • Sandals that are as versatile as they are comfortable



  • Sizes: 5-12
  • Widths: Standard (B) - Wide (D)
  • Upper materials: synthetic
  • Available colors: tan, pewter, red, bone, gray, black


You can put the awkward struggle of squeezing your feet into sandals behind you. Sahara's three comfy straps open completely, welcoming your foot with a gentle step-right-in ease. No more contortions, just pure comfort, like a personalized hug for your feet. This innovative design ensures a secure fit, no more slipping out and missing out on the fun.

Sahara also knows the importance of support. The soft, foam padding in the uppers is gentle on your feet, while the expertly cushioned soles provide just the right amount of impact absorption. And let's not forget the arches - the strategically designed soles offer supportive comfort, potentially alleviating that familiar Achilles ache and keeping your stride pain free.

And the best part? Style doesn't have to take a backseat to comfort. These sandals are as versatile as they are comfortable. Dress them up or down, hit the beach or the bustling city streets - Sahara will keep you looking and feeling good, all day long.

Feedback from users

“Really helped with my condition, insertional Achilles tendinitis.”

Christina C. 

Men’s Clearwater


Why you’ll love it

  • Bungee cord, instep strap and heel strap work together to allow customizable fit
  • They look like regular sandals but offer advanced cushioning and support



  • Sizes: 7-14
  • Widths: Standard (D) - Extra Extra Wide (6E) 
  • Upper materials: stretch knit
  • Available colors: brown


Say goodbye to fiddly buckles and awkward adjustments. Clearwater's bungee cord, instep strap and adjustable heel strap work together in perfect harmony, creating a personalized, secure fit that prioritizes stability on any terrain.

The Clearwater features fully cushioned, ergonomic soles with excellent anatomical support. This isn't just soft padding; it's strategic support that potentially alleviates pain in your foot, leg and even your back, leaving that Achilles ache like a receding tide.

Protection is key, too. The fisherman style closed toe design embraces your foot securely, offering protection from bumps and scrapes, while the non-binding fit ensures no unwanted pressure. But protection doesn't mean stuffiness. The breathable stretch knit upper and strategically placed cut outs keep your feet cool and ventilated, ensuring optimal airflow, even on the hottest days.

Finally, every inch of Clearwater's interior is padded, offering a gentle embrace that eliminates rubbing and irritation.

Feedback from users

“These sandals are the most comfortable sandals I have owned. With the double strap system it is very easy to put on and adjust.”

Rick Ruder

What type of shoes are best for insertional achilles tendonitis?

Before discussing the ideal shoe type, Dr. Gershman explains, “The Achilles tendon is the large thick tendon on the back of the heel, connecting the posterior calf muscles (gastroc and soleus) to the heel bone (calcaneus). Its primary function is plantarflexing the ankle or foot, but it also plays a role in controlling foot pronation. The gastroc-soleus muscles complex acts as significant pronation decelerators to reduce the speed and extent of foot pronation.”

Continuing, Dr. Gershman elaborates, “When the foot overpronates (rolls in and lowers the arch), the calf muscles overwork, exerting tension on the Achilles tendon and its attachment to the heel bone. This can result in inflammation of the Achilles tendon, known as tendonitis, leading to pain at the tendon or heel bone insertion point. Over time, it may cause a spur to develop at the insertion point on the heel bone and bursitis in the area, as there is also a bursa (fluid-filled sac).”

In addressing treatment for insertional Achilles tendonitis, Dr. Gershman emphasizes, “It is important to address the underlying issue to prevent recurrence and chronicity of tendonitis.”

He further explains, “While there may be medical reasons for tendonitis in some cases, such as inflammatory arthritis, certain bowel diseases, and specific antibiotics, overpronation is the most common cause. Therefore, reducing pronation is a key aspect of treatment. Since shoes form the foundation of support, proper footwear is the initial step in treatment.”

Regarding specific shoe features, Dr. Gershman recommends, “The shoe should have a solid heel counter, because this part of the shoe contains the heel bone and talus bone above it, where pronation begins.”

He adds, “The midsole should be fairly stiff with a solid outsole for stability. A deep shoe is also crucial for pronation control, along with an insert or orthotic, often necessary for Achilles tendonitis treatment. A round and wide toe box can also contribute to proper foot alignment in gait.”

What is the best support for insertional Achilles tendonitis?

“A quality shoe is the foundation of support,” reiterates Dr. Gershman.

“However, a well made insert or custom orthotic, added to the quality shoe, is often necessary to effectively control abnormal forces from overpronation. A non-custom orthotic is a good starting point to provide support for overpronators. If additional support is needed, a true rigid custom orthotic is required,” he concludes.

Is it okay to run with insertional Achilles tendonitis?

According to Dr. Gershman, “It’s generally not a good idea. There is a risk of exacerbating inflammation and possibly causing a catastrophic rupture of the tendon or detachment from the heel bone insertion point. Achilles tendons have poor blood supply and heal slowly. Gentle walking is okay, except in severe cases where immobilization in a walking boot may be necessary. In any case, avoid hills when walking.”