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7 Best Diabetic Sandals for Women for 2022

Medically reviewed by Dr. Josh White, DPM - Written by OrthoFeet Team on Feb 05 2022

It’s summer which means many of us are searching for a hot, new summer sandal. Unfortunately, traditional sandals are flimsy, unsupportive, and lack the features needed to make them the best sandals for diabetics. But this is 2022. We don’t have to settle for those sandals anymore.

Our Picks for the Best Diabetic Sandals for Women




We have to start this list off with the classic, minimal Paloma sandal. And when I say minimal, I am not referring to the features it is designed with! Available in light brown and black, these sandals are stylish enough to match outfits from casual to fancy. But the real secret is on the inside with the soft foam padding and lining. You’ll never have a strap rub your foot the wrong way or cause friction.

The straps are also perfectly designed, with the instep strap opening on the medial (inside) of the foot to make it easy for those who may struggle to reach the outside of their foot. The forefoot strap sits just over the metatarsal bones (they’re right behind your toes) and is fully adjustable. Have a bunion, hammertoe or a narrow forefoot? Not to worry. Simply adjust the strap to your specific foot shape for a pressure free and comfortable fit. Adjustments like these are necessary for diabetics who may also experience swelling in the legs and feet.

And you’ll be able to wear them all day because of the premium Ortho-Cushion System. Anatomical orthotic insoles come with an optional arch booster for added support while built-in heel padding puts a spring in your step. Layers of cushioning will have you feeling light and breezy so that nothing can ruin your good times. These slip-resistant sandals are available in medium or wide width.

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When you need the best women’s diabetic shoes, you need the Malibu sandal. This structured sandal will hold up all day and night, no matter the activity. The slip-resistant sole provides traction and grip with a special rubber material and unique tread design. Diabetics can feel confident around wet areas that they won’t lose their balance in these shoes.

You’ll also never feel squeezed in them. In addition to coming in medium, wide, and extra wide widths, the Malibu sandal has three adjustable straps. The midfoot strap opens from both the left and right with just a simple hook and loop closure so you can put it on and take it off in the way which is most comfortable for you. The straps on either side also allows you further extend or shorten the fit – accommodating really wide or narrow insteps and feet. Lastly, adjust the heel strap to keep a snug fit that doesn’t slide. Those with a narrow heel and wide forefoot or who wear a brace will appreciate the customization. 

The anatomical arch support keeps arches happy while premium cushioning makes feet comfortable all day. I know what you’re thinking and don’t worry, it comes in black, white, brown, and pewter so you’ll always have a pair to match your look. If you’re ready for pain-free fun, then you’re ready for Malibu. You can also try the Malibu in its sister style, the Calypso. This sandal features a similar shape with stretchable fabric upper material that hugs to your foot. 

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The Laguna offers the best knit design for women’s diabetic sandals. The close-toed sandal protects feet and toes from injury while the stretchable upper conforms to your foot, shaping itself around bunions, hammertoes and swollen feet.

The knit material also allows for breathability. Keeping foot temperature regulated during the hot summer is especially important for diabetics who may be less sensitive to extreme temperatures due to nerve damage. The Laguna features air vent cutouts and an antimicrobial fabric insole for if feet get sweaty—even the foam inserts are breathable! The temperature control in these sandals takes them to another level.

Speaking of control, the bungee lacing system lets you decide how much tension you need to keep your sandal snug without putting too much pressure on the forefoot or midfoot and without fumbling with traditional laces. And don’t forget about the adjustable back strap that keeps your heel from slipping.

The Laguna offers a cushioning, ergonomic sole that provides a mild rocker effect when walking. This shape helps reduce pressure on the feet, so you spend less energy with each step. Arch support is built in, but the insole is also fully removable so you can insert a custom orthotic instead. All three widths (medium, wide, extra wide) come in a cool blue color and soft  gray.

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The practical, dark brown Naxos is here to be your new favorite summer sandal. The totally adjustable design is revolutionary. Open all three straps to step directly into the sandal, no sliding or rubbing on stiff uppers. Then, fasten each strap so your foot feels hugged by the sandal, perfectly accommodating to your foot shape. The midfoot strap opens from both the left and right for your ease and comfort.

Strap placement also helps protect against rubbing on bunions or the formation of corns and calluses. Toes are free to stretch, avoiding any undue pressure or crowding that can lead to conditions such as hammertoes.

Many diabetic women also experience peripheral vascular disease, which affects blood flow from and to the legs and feet. This can lead to occasional foot swelling. The Naxos comes in medium and wide widths for an even more customized adjustment for wide or swollen feet.

The sole of the Naxos sandal is slip-resistant, so you can take these sandals anywhere and feel confident in your stride. Plus, the cushioning orthotic insole with arch booster keeps your ankles upright, avoiding pronation and making it so you can walk all day.

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In the competition of best sandals for diabetics, the Verona has a commanding lead. Or at least you’ll be leading the pack with the way the cushioned sole with built in arch support holds your foot all day long. The cloud-like, ergonomic sole is paired with a soft, anatomical insole that is removable to accommodate for custom orthotics. The sandal includes two optional spacers—one 1/8” and one 1/16”—to help your foot fit perfectly into the depth of the shoe.

The cushioned sole is also perfect for diabetics suffering from neuropathy. The inner orthotic keeps ankles upright, and in line with knees and hips, so you’ll be walking completely pain-free while the sole provides a mild rocker effect, making stepping easier with every stride. 

The close-toed Verona protects feet with a stretchable upper that conforms to your foot’s shape while still remaining light and airy like a true sandal thanks to the cut-out design. Just open the heel strap, slide your foot into the sandal, and fasten the heel strap securely. If you need a tighter fit in the toes, use the bungee laces to adjust. Available in black and pewter with medium, wide, and extra wide widths.

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“I recently ordered the Verona sandals. The fit is true to size. They are a dream. Comfortable and stylish. I’m a teacher and need comfortable, supportive shoes. Highly recommend!!”
Tamara Rushton




You’ll be ready for a day at the coast when you slip into the Amalfi sandal. This sandal is perfectly engineered from top to bottom to keep you comfortable all day long because the unique biomechanical features are built right in.

It starts with the slip resistant sole to keep you sturdy on all surfaces. Then an ergonomic sole with air and foam cushioning to help you step in stride easily. A premium orthotic insole with shock dispersing cushioning works to ease foot and heel pain. The anatomically shaped arch works to support the foot and lessen pressure on the plantar fascia. Arch support is necessary to reduce pain and especially in diabetics who also experience flat feet. The amount of arch support you get is adjustable. Need more support? Just slip in the added Arch Booster, and you’re good to go.

It’s crucial for a diabetic sandal to avoid friction which the Amalfi does with padded and stretchable uppers. Not only that, but the Amalfi features four separate hook and loop closures. Actually, double that since the straps are on both sides of the foot so you actually have 8 straps to achieve a perfect fit. Available in medium and wide widths in black and neutral camel.

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The Camille offers a heeled option among our best diabetic sandals for women for 2022. Whether it’s a day at the office or a night out on the town, this stylish black sandal offers many features perfect for diabetics. 

Diabetic women want to avoid putting too much pressure on any single area of the foot. A very high heel forces pressure onto the ball of the foot, creating the potential for many other issues. At only 2”, and with a unique construction, the Camille sandal avoids any problems with unevenly distributed pressure and feels like a pair of sneakers – soft, cloud-like and supportive!

In addition, the built-in arch support together with the sole design make walking in heels healthy for your feet providing support, stability and cushioning for all day wear without pain! Getting them on and off is easy too three separate straps including a heel strap, forefoot strap, and midfoot strap that opens from both directions. And Camille is available in two widths, including wide to accommodate wider or swollen feet! You’ll be dancing from happiness at the comfort the Camille provides.


Why Is There Special Diabetic Footwear for Ladies?


Diabetes can contribute to many different foot ailments, and it’s essential to be wearing orthotic shoes or shoes specifically designed for diabetics. Mismanaged glucose levels can lead to nerve damage and loss of feeling, which can then contribute to chronic numbness, tingling, and problems with balance. Friction and rubbing can form sores or hot spots that may go unnoticed and become ulcers which can be very difficult to treat. 

Diabetics need to keep foot temperature well controlled while also maintaining enough shoe structure to protect against injury. Diabetics are also at a higher risk for arthritis, which means small buckles and laces can present problems with traditional sandals. Proper diabetic footwear for ladies will protect against these issues and help keep feet healthy and safe.

Features of Diabetic Sandals for Ladies


These features will help you find the most comfortable shoes for diabetics.

Wide Toebox. Having extra room around the toes is always a good idea, especially if you have bunions or hammertoes. A good diabetic shoe will have a wide toebox that does not put pressure on the forefoot or toes.

Stretchable Uppers. Knits and other stretchable fabric uppers help ensure a fit that’s snug but never too tight or pressing on the wrong area. This is important for diabetics who need to avoid undue pressure or squeezing from their shoes.

Wide Widths. Most traditional shoes come in a one-width-fits-all design, except that one width doesn’t actually fit everyone. Shoes that come in varying widths, from narrow to extra wide, will provide a more comfortable and customized fit.

Extra Depth. Like width, depth in a shoe is important. Extra depth keeps the tops of feet and toes from rubbing on the shoe interior. Plus, extra depth leaves room for custom orthotics which many people with diabetes need.

Padded, Seamless Interior. Diabetics may have diminished feeling in their feet, in which case, they might not notice the rubbing of a seam or discomfort of interior fabrics. Seamless interiors and additional padding can help reduce the chances of rubbing, causing calluses or sores.

Arch Support. In addition to reducing strain on the plantar fascia, arch supports prevent pronation (the rolling inward of the ankle). Pronation can lead to a whole other set of unrelated foot and ankle conditions.

Rocker Motion. A shoe with a heel-toe drop or a toe spring can create a rocking effect which helps reduce the energy needed from your ankles and forefoot when walking. This design shape can keep you moving all day long without getting tired.