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Arthritis Sneakers For Women

60-Day wear test


Orthofeet arthritis sneakers for women are biomedically designed with an advanced orthotic insole to support the arch and help relieve stress on the joints. The thick padded sole reduces pressure under the heel and softens every step you take, helping to relieve pain on the knees, hips & lower back. The flexible and soft uppers along with the padded interior provide cushioning and comfort for arthritic feet. A wide toe box design ensures unrestricted movement and a pressure free environment.

Upgrade to the most comfortable women's arthritis sneakers: Walk comfortably and pain free or your money back!

"BEST comfortable tennis shoes I've had in Years!! I have bad  arthritis in toes, very high instep (with pain) and very wide feet. For once I can keep them on all day and even go for a walk with NO pain in toes and top of my foot. LOVE THEM!"
-Betty Broeske

Dr. Emily Splichal, DPM
is a podiatrist, specializing in foot
biomechanics, postural alignment
and human movement

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Save $31 24 Footwear - Serene – Black


$93.71 $124.95
Save $31 24 Coral-Black Stretchable

Coral Stretchable

$93.71 $124.95
Save $31 24 Coral-Gray Stretchable

Coral Stretchable

$93.71 $124.95
Save $31 24 Coral-Turquoise Stretchable

Coral Stretchable

$93.71 $124.95
Save $31 24 Sandy Stretchable

Sandy Stretchable

$93.71 $124.95
Save $31 24 Footwear - Tahoe - White

Tahoe Tie-Less Lace

$93.71 $124.95
Save $31 24 Tahoe-Pink Tie-Less Lace

Tahoe Tie-Less Lace

$93.71 $124.95
Save $31 24 Footwear - Tahoe - Black

Tahoe Tie-Less Lace

$93.71 $124.95
Save $31 24 Verve-Turquoise Tie-Less Lace

Verve Tie-Less Lace

$93.71 $124.95
Save $31 24 Verve-Fuchsia Tie-Less Lace

Verve Tie-Less Lace

$93.71 $124.95
Save $31 24 Footwear - Whitney - White


$93.71 $124.95
Save $31 24 Footwear - Whitney - Black


$93.71 $124.95
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Arthritis Causes & Treatment:

Arthritis is not a single disease; there are in fact, over 100 different types of arthritis. Generally speaking, however, when we say arthritis we are referring to joint paint or joint disease. It is characterized by painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. The most common type of arthritis is called osteoarthritis, often thought of as wear-and-tear arthritis since it is a result of years of stress on the joints. Overtime, the cartilage at the end of the bones wears away, leaving the bones to rub directly against each other, which causes pain, stiffness, and swelling. There is also inflammatory arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Inflammatory arthritis is the result of an immune system gone awry; the immune system attacks the joints with uncontrolled inflammation and causes joint erosion and other physical problems. Gout is another type of arthritis and is considered a metabolic issue. It is a result of too much uric acid in the system, which eventually builds up and attacks the joints.

While there is no sure fire way to prevent arthritis entirely, you can do things to delay or reduce its effects such as maintain a healthy weight, exercise, refrain from smoking, eat a healthy diet, stay active while avoiding injuries, and stretch.
Regarding Treatment options, they are varied and numerous, but their objective is the same: to minimize pain and further damage to the affected joint or joints. These options include taking pain-reducing medications, physical and occupational therapy, using shin splints or other aids for the joints, and wearing proper arthritis footwear.

Footwear Solutions for Arthritis
For the best women’s shoes for arthritic feet, make sure they include orthotic insoles with ergonomic soles for proper anatomical support, excellent cushioning, and soft uppers.
Orthofeet is offering unique footwear solutions for arthritis walking shoes for women, women’s arthritis athletic shoes and women’s arthritis sandals.


Customer Reviews

These shoes are very comfy since I am dealing with arthritis, bunions, hammertoes, & worn-out feet. I'm happy that I ordered them!
-- Joyce Lawhon: Happy Feet!

I have arthritis on the top of my feet. These shoes have soft cushioning where needed. The adjustable velcro straps are a plus. Very comfortable.
-- Cressie Wilson: Happy Feet

No break in period needed. Wore them for 3 hours and my arthritis and tendonitis never flared up. Life saver !!
-- Martha Brown: All pain went away!

I wear them around our farm. They have a good water proof sole and fit with a variety of socks...thin or think. Lots of toe room. I needed shoes that were comfortable with arthritis in the bones on the top of my feet. These are very roomy yet can be snugged with the velcro strap.
-- Susan Devaney

I love these orthotic sandals, and I wear them all day every day. I was having a lot of pain from my plantar fasciitis and arthritis in my right foot. I am now pain free. I plan to purchase another pair soon.
-- Carolyn Newman

" This is the most comfortable shoe in the world. I have problems with sneakers because I have arthritis on the top of my feet so tying shoes is very uncomfortable. I almost always wear backless sneakers from another manufacturer & they are comfortable but not so practical. I got these sneakers in the mail on a Saturday & wore them all day for a back yard bbq & my feet felt great. The strap system on these makes all the difference in the world."
-- Terri Powers