Padded Sole Sock-White (3 Pairs)


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Theresa M said: Best Socks Ever! In my opinion, the correct socks are just as important as the correct shoes… After having a third-degree sprain on one I foot and plantar fasciitis on the other foot, I have become extremely sensitive as far as the proper socks are far, these orthofeet socks are absolutely the best, with just enough padding on the bottom to make them comfortable, and not so much padding that you feel like you’re stuffing your foot into a sausage casing when you put your shoes on. I just purchased the dark color to mix up my wardrobe, and I must say that over the years the Orthofeet brand has gotten better and better as they design both their footwear and socks by using the latest technology. James Durham said: Best socks! I purchased three pair of the diabetic bamboo socks. These are the best socks I have had in a long time. Before wearing them I was using ordinary diabetic socks. By the end of the day my feet would be on fire.
Since I started wearing my new bamboo socks I seldom have foot pain. It's hard to believe socks could make such a difference.

BioSoft TM Casual Dress socks for women and men by Orthofeet feature non-constrictive, seam-free design, excellent moisture wicking system, and soft cushioning interior that offer unsurpassed comfort and protection for sensitive feet and for persons with circulatory problems and edema. Sold in a package of 3 pairs.

Features & Benefits

Non-Constricting Design - Very loose knit construction with super stretch offers maximum blood flow, enhancing fit and comfort.

DryPlex TM Moisture Wicking System - Keeps feet always dry and comfortable, providing a healthier environment for sensitive diabetic feet.

Seam-free - Unique Inverse Linking Design provides virtually seam-free sock interior, offering the ultimate protection against blisters and irritations.

Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Odor - Bamboo anti-bacterial and anti-odor natural properties inhibit bacteria, and control foot odor.

Anti-BlisterSoft Bamboo fibers along with a unique brushing process offer an extremely soft sock interior, minimizing friction, and providing maximum comfort and protection.

Soft and Comfortable - Bamboo fibers feel extremely soft and comfy, eliminating irritation on your skin by reducing shear forces when you walk. Innovative diabetic socks for women and men, who suffer from diabetes, neuropathy, circulatory problems, and edema.

FIT: BioSoft TM
Padded sole socks are designed for shoes with extra room, and normally don’t fit dress shoes.

WASHING: Machine wash, warm like colors, tumble dry low. Do not use fabric softeners or chlorine bleach.

MATERIALS: 63% Bamboo. 28% Cotton. 10% Polyester. 1% Spandex

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Padded Sole Sock-White (3 Pairs)

1 unit refers to a 3 pair package

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Podiatrist Testimonial


I have been using Orthofeet footwear and foot orthotics for my patients for over 15 years, and I can attest that they offer the best solution for people with sensitive feet, including those with foot pain, diabetes and arthritis. These shoes are designed with unique ergonomic features that cannot be found in any other brand. My patients love them, and in fact I wear them myself daily, as they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

--Steven Gershman, DPM

Customer Reviews

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nice feel

These are some of the best socks I have ever warn. I work in a factory on my feet all day, I also have neoropathy in my feet.The first time I put them on I notice a little cush to them, they felt great!! After work I took my shoes off and it feltlike I wasn't even wearing socks, I had NO rings around my angles or impressions from the sock. They stay up and do not slide down when your walking like some diabetic socks. I love them, Thank you so much for some comfort

Vice President

They arrived as described. They are soft and roomy for a comfortable feel.


Padded Sole Sock-White (3 Pairs)

Best socks

Love these socks!


Padded Sole Sock-White (3 Pairs)

My search has ended.

These socks fill all my special needs and I've adopted them.... and they are very comfortable.


These are the best socks for diabetic feet..recommend


Padded Sole Sock-White (3 Pairs)

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