5 Best Insoles for Sciatica Pain Relief

Medical information provided by Emily Splichal  /  Written by OrthoFeet Team on December 13, 2023 Blog Home

Sciatica, characterized by the irritation of the sciatic nerve along the back of the leg, is a condition that may find its roots in the often overlooked realm of foot position and stability. 

As indicated by recent insights, the alignment and stability of our feet play a pivotal role in the development and exacerbation of sciatica. This link is particularly notable in cases of overpronation, where foot collapse leads to leg and pelvis rotations, influencing the contraction of hip and glute muscles, thereby affecting the overall stability of the pelvis. 

In exploring solutions to alleviate sciatic discomfort, attention to foot support and stability becomes paramount.

Do shoe insoles help with sciatica?

Wearing arch supports, whether in the form of insoles or shoes for sciatica, can provide foot stability, improving foot, leg and hip alignment, thereby alleviating stress on the sciatic nerve. 

According to podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal, “Symptoms of sciatica may not disappear immediately upon wearing arch supports, but from a long-term perspective, they play an essential role in preventing and reducing future symptoms.”

Benefits of insoles for sciatica

Dr. Splichal identifies three key advantages of incorporating shoe insoles for managing sciatica. These include:

  • Improved foot stability. Insoles offer enhanced foot stability, reducing the risk of misalignment and subsequent stress on the sciatic nerve.
  • Long-term symptom prevention. While immediate relief may not be experienced, the consistent use of insoles is helpful in preventing and minimizing future sciatic symptoms.
  • Enhanced alignment. Arch supports contribute to better alignment of the foot, leg and hip, promoting overall musculoskeletal health and reducing sciatic discomfort over time.

What are the best insoles for sciatica?

Now, let's explore specific insoles that stand out in providing relief and promoting wellbeing for those suffering from sciatica, seeking comfort with every step.

OFG orthotic insoles

Why you’ll love it

  • Distribute the pressure under the foot
  • Mimic the inherent contours of the human foot



  • Sizes: women 5-12 | men 7-15 
  • Widths: women Standard (B) - Extra Wide (2E) | men Standard (D) - Extra Wide (4E)
  • Materials: anti-microbial fabric and foam


Tailored to mimic the natural shape of the human foot, the OFG orthotic insoles provide essential support to the foot's arch. 

With options in three different widths and a wide range of sizes, these insoles ensure a precise fit for various foot sizes. The inclusion of an adjustable arch booster offers customizable support, enhancing comfort. 

Constructed with multiple layers of shock-absorbent foam, the OFG insoles create a firm and supportive foundation, effectively reducing stress on the foot. 

The incorporation of an extra blue foam layer under the heel adds targeted cushioning, addressing specific areas of foot discomfort. The top layer features an anti-microbial fabric, promoting dryness and odor control.

Feedback from users

“I have flat feet that have become very arthritic. I also suffer from sciatica. I have tried both prescription and other orthotics with varying degrees of relief. The Orthofeet orthotic inserts are as comfortable and supportive as my up-till-now favorite orthotics which cost several hundred dollars. I was surprised to discover that after one afternoon of using the Orthofeet inserts my sciatica pain had lessened! I will definitely be purchasing another pair!”

Mary Utzerath

“I really like them!I have had flat feet all my life and struggled with finding insoles and shoes that work well for me. I was hesitant to try this company, just because I haven't had much success with anything else that I have tried.

My wife had purchased a pair of the slip-in shoes and liked them very much. I decided to try a pair myself and loved them. The insoles in that pair of shoes felt so good that I decided to try the insoles in my work boots. I purchased 3 pairs of the insoles. They have made my work boots very enjoyable to wear now. I highly recommend them. I will be buying more for my other boots soon. The best insoles that I have ever used. Very happy with my purchase…I will be a long-time customer from here on out.”

Craig Garcia

¾ Orthotic insoles

Why you’ll love it

  • Suited for shoes with non-removable insoles. 
  • Support the arch and heel while leaving the toes free.



  • Sizes: women 6-12 | men 7-13
  • Materials: foam-padded cover


Ideal for those who regularly wear shoes with non-removable insoles, the ¾ orthotic insoles are designed to provide an optimal fit. 

The shorter length starting behind the toes offers more forefoot space, ensuring a proper fit in a variety of shoes. While protecting the heel and arch, these insoles leave the toes free, making them suitable for almost any type of shoe. 

The ¾ insoles feature arch support that helps correct overpronation and fallen arches, relieving sciatica pain and discomfort. They are also designed with a heel seat packed with cushioning foam, deflecting pressure from the fat pad area. This unique design provides extraordinary protection to the delicate fascia on the heel, offering relief for various conditions. 

Feedback from users

“Love them! They definitely helped with my plantar fasciitis and lower back pain. I'm now able to do my 10,000 steps a day!”

Tracy Bagdon

“Happy Feet! The inserts worked perfectly in correcting my pronation problem. My back pains disappeared.”

Gordon Mallett

BioSole Gel Sport insoles

Why you’ll love it

  • Customized arch support with materials that shape to the contours of the foot. 
  • Deep heel seat padded with gel and trampoline design under the heel.



  • Sizes: women 5-10 | men 7-14
  • Materials: Polyester mesh lining


One of the standout features that renders these medical-grade insoles highly effective for alleviating sciatica pain is their anatomical arch support. The unique bladder design, filled with polyurethane foam and cushioning Gel, dynamically conforms to the contours of your foot. This not only provides personalized support but also effectively alleviates discomfort and fatigue from your feet, extending relief up to your knees and lower back.

These insoles are designed with a deep heel seat padded with gel, complemented by a trampoline design under the heel. This powerful combination works wonders for conditions such as heel pain and plantar fasciitis, delivering targeted and effective relief.

The innovative design of the BioSole Gel insoles, which fit shoes with removable footbeds, functions remarkably close to custom-made orthotics, offering relief from heel, foot, knee and back pain.

Feedback from users

“I didn’t have the highest hopes based on price and OH WOW, don’t wait on these. They are incredible and way better than anything I’ve ordered on Amazon. They shipped fast and they are perfect. My feet no longer hurt. I’m so impressed I am going to purchase more pairs!”

Traci Carpenter

“I cannot say enough how much my feet are enjoying the new inserts. Right from the moment I slipped them in my shoes, my feet said ahhhhh thank you.

I was buying my inserts elsewhere and found the company had made quality changes and many people were complaining and I was one of them. I am so glad to have found this company and have been sharing this information with many people.”

Bruce Garland


BioSole Dress women's orthotic insoles

Why you’ll love it

  • Provide support for fashion footwear. 
  • Bladder filled with polyurethane foam and cushioning gel shapes to the foot.



  • Sizes: 5-10
  • Materials: DryPlex fabric


Addressing the challenge of comfort within fashion footwear, these women's orthotics are tailored for high-heels, ballet flats, moccasins and other narrower shoes. 

The combination of hi-tech gel and polyurethane foam forms a supportive and cushioning bladder, providing premium comfort, support and pain relief, and alleviating discomfort and fatigue off the feet, all the way up the knees and lower back. 

The sides of these orthotics, crafted from EVA cushioning, ensure protection for bunions and the lateral aspect of the foot. 

The advanced polyester mesh lining enhances breathability, keeping the feet dry and cool during extended use. 

Feedback from users

“Best ever! I have several pairs that I rotate in different shoes. Easy to insert and easy to take out and they clean up nicely! But most of all they are the best inserts I’ve found. They give long lasting comfortable support.”

Georgia Turner