Sanibel - Black Mary Jane Shoes


customized support - adjustable fit
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Susan Kruger said: Very comfortable shoes with ankle strap. These are the best shoes I've found to accommodate hammer toe. They are very comfortable, and have an ankle strap for tightening that most other Orthofeet models don't have...
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Enjoy exceptional comfort with Orthofeet's Sanibel - Black Mary Jane shoes for women that offer a non-binding fit, extra room for toe movement, and maximum protection against pressure points. Their anatomical orthotic insoles and ergonomic soles provide comfortable support and excellent cushioning, making Athens your first choice for comfort Mary Jane shoes, women's black Mary Jane shoes and the best women’s Mary Jane shoes for wide feet.


  • Orthotic support - Premium orthotic insoles, featuring anatomical arch support and multiple cushioning layers help improve foot and leg alignment, enhancing comfort and easing stress and pain on the heel, ball of the foot, knees, hips, and back caused by flat feet, over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis and diabetes.

  • Orthotic friendly design – Extra depth design with removable orthotic insoles that are ¼” thick in the forefoot area provide ample space for custom made orthotics.

  • Easy gait - Light-weight Ergonomic-Stride(TM) sole with air cushioning softens step, and adds spring to your step.

  • Protective Interior - Soft lining with extra foam padding eliminates pressure points, and helps reduce friction against skin.

  • Comfort fit - soft, non-binding upper eliminates pressure points and enhances comfort.

  • Heel-Strap enables to adjust the grip around the heel, eliminating slippage, and accommodating both slim and wide heels.

  • Adjustable fit - two sets of removable spacers (1/16" and 1/8" thick) allow the adjustment of the space inside the shoe for a perfect fit.

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Sanibel - Black Mary Jane Shoes

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Podiatrist Testimonial


I have been using Orthofeet footwear and foot orthotics for my patients for over 15 years, and I can attest that they offer the best solution for people with sensitive feet, including those with foot pain, diabetes and arthritis. These shoes are designed with unique ergonomic features that cannot be found in any other brand. My patients love them, and in fact I wear them myself daily, as they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

--Steven Gershman, DPM

Product Details

Sizes: 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12

Widths: Medium, Wide, X-Wide

Product Care

Clean with washcloth. Use a small amount of mild soap and water.

Air dry.

Do not machine wash.


Leather & Synthetic

Indication Include the following conditions:

Arch Support

Removable Insoles

Orthotic Friendly

Cushioned Heel

Extra Depth

Deep Toe-Box

Wide Toe-Box

Heel Cup

Shock Absorbing

Soft Uppers

Walk Comfortable & pain Free ot your money back!

Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Comfy feet

I recently had foot surgery, but can now wear shoes. I ordered 2 pairs of Orthofeet shoes in anticipation of that happy day. Both are very comfortable and support my feet very well. I’d recommend these shoes to anyone, especially those with foot issues.


I finally found a shoe that doesn't hurt to wear them. Great, where have you been? I have just ordered two more pairs! Thank you so much for existing!

Best yet

Not one to have much luck buying shoes online ,. this time I hit the jackpot, with a recent bunyon and hammer toe my old shoes hurt , these shoes fit , they are cute , and comfortable for everyday wear, I did switch out the insoles for the ones my Dr has me wear .


Sanibel - Mary Jane Black

After 8 months of searching, I finally found the perfect shoes for my feet!

I have severe bunions resulting from 40 years of crippling arthritis. These are the first shoes that fit comfortably. I needed an Extra Extra wide shoe, but the shoes fit and they are very cute! I hope the company makes more extra, extra wide shoes. I now own 2 pairs of shoes that I can wear and loving it.


I love these shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had.
I'v gotten other shoe from Ortho Feet but these are the best.

Great for neuropathy and plantar fasciitis 🖤

My Dad bought these for me about a month ago. I’m so grateful for them because: A. the toe box is big enough for my sensitive toes
B. The arch support is great and keeps my feel comfortable all day.
C. The adjustable straps come in handy for swelling &
D. They are stylish and fun to wear. I’ve gotten many compliments on them, I’m only 33 and I was afraid they would look silly but they truly don’t and I can wear them with many outfits like a tee and skinny jeans, with dresses for church and pretty much anything else. There was no break in period and they help me live a healthy, productive life. Thank you Orthofeet l!


For several years, walking has become increasingly more difficult, to the point where I am barely able to pick up my feet. I bought the Sanibel Mary Janes and wore them for the first time today. The first thing I noticed was how comfortable they are. I was able to hop into a cab (previously a major ordeal) with no difficulty; getting out was just as easy, and a second cab ride several hours later was even easier. Standing for any length of time was completely pain-free for the first time in years. The first thing I usually do when I get home is kick off my painful shoes, but not today -- I've been home for an hour and forgot I still have them on. I have found my perfect shoes and look forward to buying more from Orthofeet.

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