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Benefits for

Foot Pain

  • Orthotic insole supports arch, aligns the foot & eases stress on the joints

  • Multi layer cushioning & air pockets absorb shock forces & reduces impacts on heel

  • Ergonomic sole with mild rocker bottom disperses shock forces, propels the foot forward & facilities walking

  • Wide toe box and extra depth offer plenty of room & a relaxed fit

  • Soft, foam padded interior & upper ease pressure & enhance comfort

  • Firm heel counter and wide sole increases stability & helps minimize overpronation

Arch Support + Cushioning

Ergonomic Sole

Wide Toe Box

Padded Heel

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 897 reviews
    Louis Wodrich

    wish I had not bought them

    Dick Madison
    Best athletic type Shoe I have ever worn.

    Was a Phy. Ed. teacher for 37 years and never found a an athletic type shoe that I was completely happy with until I found the Orthos. But I had already retired. Maybe I would not have feet problems if I had found them years ago. Won't be changing brands anytime soon at my age. Also love not having to deal with shoe strings... :)

    Darlene Janicki

    Ventura - Black

    Ronald s.
    Great For Walking

    A quality sneaker or shoe that is great for walking and every day use.

    Adriana Gnall
    Excellent shoes

    Comfortable shoes to wear everyday 24/7