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Benefits for

Foot Pain

  • Orthotic insole supports arch, aligns the foot & eases stress on the joints

  • Multi layer cushioning & air pockets absorb shock forces & reduces impacts on heel

  • Ergonomic sole with mild rocker bottom disperses shock forces, propels the foot forward & facilities walking

  • Wide toe box and extra depth offer a pressure free fit for the neuroma

  • Soft, foam padded interior & upper ease pressure & enhance comfort

  • Firm heel counter and wide sole increases stability & helps minimize overpronation

Arch Support & Cushioning

Ergonomic Sole

Wide Toe Box

Padded & Seam Free

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 1770 reviews
    Sumner Huckaby

    Very comfortable and the fit is perfect!


    Very comfortable shoes
    I buying again

    A GREAT investment!

    I just ordered my second pair. I was a little concerned with the zipper idea but have to say that the zippers were not an issue. I normally wear size 15 -4E so shoes are hard to find. These are very roomy and the size 14 works. I wore these almost exclusively for a year on a farm climbing, crawling, jumping, and everything in between and they have finally given out around the toe coming apart.
    I have NO complaints.
    As I said I wore these almost every single day for a year and that is enough to break down even the most durable shoes.
    I HIGHLY recommend them. They are very comfortable, durable, love the zippers for getting in and out, and they have a wide toe box if that's an issue for you like it is for me.
    Thank You.

    Shocked and amazed

    The best fitting shoes I ever purchased. The only test this shoe has not passed as of now is durability over time.

    Edward Luterzo
    Comfortable Boots

    Excellent boots, and they hold up well.