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The Orthofeet Advantage

Orthofeet orthotic shoes are engineered with an Innovative ORTHO-Cushion   System and unique therapeutic footwear features that help ease pain on the heel, ball of the foot, knees, hips, and back caused by flat feet, overpronation, plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis, neuropathy and diabetes: 1. Comfortable orthotic support. 2. Light-weight soles with Ergonomic-Stride™ design. 3. Protective interior. 4. Stretchable upper design.


"These shoes are designed with unique ergonomic features that cannot be found in any other brand. I have been using Orthofeet footwear and foot orthotics for my patients for over 15 years, and I can attest that they offer the best solution for people with sensitive feet, including those with foot and heel pain, arthritis and diabetes.”
-- Steven Gershman, DPM

Dr. Emily Splichal, DPM
is a podiatrist, specializing in foot
biomechanics, postural alignment
and human movement

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