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World's Best Shoes For Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia refers to pain under the ball of the foot. Common causes of metatarsalgia include: (i) Restrictive shoes that tend to force the ball of the foot into a small space, and put excessive pressure on that area; (ii) High impacts; (iii) Overweight; (iv) Flat feet, bunions, bursitis, Morton's neuroma, arthritis, gout, and diabetes. Orthofeet shoes are biomechanically engineered with unique therapeutic features that have proven to ease pain associated with Metatarsalgia.


- Anatomical arch-support reduces over-pronation (flat feet), straightens the foot, and decreases the pressure on the ball of the foot.
- Superior cushioning alleviates pressure on the bottom of the foot.


- Wide toe-box offers a loose, comfortable fit, and eliminates pressure on the front part of the foot.
- Extra-depth design accommodates thick insoles and orthotics, and alleviates pressure on the ball of the foot.


" These shoes are amazing! I wore these shoes all day, and had no foot pain. I have plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia and neuropathy, and had no pain all day. The arch support is perfect, much more comfortable than my $400 orthotics. When they came in the mail, I immediately tried them on, couldn't believe when I stood up-- it was heaven! I am a nurse. I have been telling everybody I work with about these shoes."
-- Kathryn S Beaumont

" The Foot Pain is Gone! This is my second pair of sneakers and I love them. I have very wide feet and have tried for years to find a comfortable sneaker. My Plantar Fasciitis and Metatarsal pain are both gone after six months. So grateful."
-- J. Kamm

Bottom Line: Choosing proper footwear can help you go about your daily activities with less pain, better mobility and comfortable feet.

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Acadia - Black

38 reviews

Bismarck - Black

113 reviews

Breeze - Black

94 reviews

Broadway - Black

71 reviews

Broadway - Brown

43 reviews

Carnegie - Black

84 reviews

Chickasaw - Black

70 reviews

Chickasaw - Red

37 reviews

Clearwater - Brown

153 reviews

Florence - Camel

60 reviews

Melbourne - Black

51 reviews

Melbourne - Brown

90 reviews

Sarasota Beach - Tan

48 reviews

Serene – Black

50 reviews

Serene – Tan

58 reviews

Shenandoah - Black

30 reviews

Sierra - White

58 reviews

Springfield - Navy

102 reviews

Ventura - Black

37 reviews

Ventura - White

57 reviews

Wichita - Black

118 reviews

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