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Orthofeet Achilles boots for women feature the innovative Ortho-Cushion™ System designed to enhance comfort and help alleviate Achilles tendon pain. The premium orthotic insoles feature an anatomical arch support to correct over-pronation and help reduce strain on the tendon. The innovative ergonomic sole design with air cushioning and heel lift softens every step you take and reduces tension on the Achilles Tendon. In addition, Orthofeet shoes for Achilles Tendonitis feature a soft, padded collar to help eliminate friction and irritation at the back of the heel so you can continue being active all day. Orthofeet shoes are commonly used for the following conditions: Achilles tendonitis, Back of heel pain, Achilles tendon rupture, and Torn Achilles. Upgrade to the most comfortable and supportive Achilles boots for women: Walk comfortably and pain free or your money back!


"They are very comfortable! When my Achilles Tendonitis acts up, I can still walk with them without writhing pain. They are also very warm!"
-- Diana Holt

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Orthofeet shoes are biomechanically engineered with innovative features that enhance comfort and help women's alleviate Achilles Tendon pain:

  • Premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support correct over-pronation and help reduce strain on the tendon.
  • Ergonomic sole design with air cushioning and heel lift softens every step you take and reduces tension on the Achilles Tendon.
  • Soft collar padded with foam reduces friction and irritation at the back of the heel.


"…went on vacation where I needed to do a great deal of walking. Without any break-in, the sandals were comfortable and supported my feet and Achilles tendon issues in an amazing manner."
-- Jim H.

"Between knee replacement and a bad Achilles on the same leg, these shoes have been a God sent."
-- Rita Wohlers

" Excellent arch support and padding for injured Achilles tendon. Well-made and I bought a second pair."
-- John Schreiber

"I was thrilled with these shoes. They offer support, while letting my feet be comfortable. I have flat feet, Tailor’s bunion, past Achilles’ tendon repair, and balance problem. Good bye New Balance, OrthoFeet has gained a new customer."
-- JCarolyn Hendrickson

"I have had my sandals for about a month and love wearing them. I have a partially torn Achilles tendon and they are wonderful for the pain. I could tell an instant difference. I highly recommend them to anyone."
-- Richard Dill

" Excellent shoes! I wore them and went straight out on a hike and they felt perfect! Soft, yet sturdy and excellent support. I developed Achilles tendonitis problems on both feet in May 2016 and with wearing the Orthofeet shoes and slippers I am no longer in pain. Having tried many US and European brands I find that Orthofeet are the best - and best priced for the use."
-- Loukia Tsapari

Orthofeet shoes are specially designed with therapeutic features to help the following conditions: Sore Achilles tendon, Achilles tendon tear, Insertional Achilles tendonitis, Calcaneal tendon, Sore Achilles, Tight Achilles tendon, Tendonitis heel, Achilles strain, Achilles tendinopathy, Foot tendon pain, Achilles tear, Achilles tendinosis, Torn Achilles tendon, and Swollen Achilles tendon.

60-Day wear test

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Achilles Tendon Pain Causes & Treatment:

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body. It connects the calf muscles and the muscles in the lower leg to the heel bone of the foot. Although strong, tendons are not very flexible, which means overstretching them can cause problems. When the Achilles tendon is over stretched, it can become inflamed, which is what we call Achilles tendonitis, or tear. Inflamed or torn Achilles tendons can cause slight achiness, tenderness, stiffness and in some cases acute pain.

What causes it? There are several possible causes of Achilles tendon pain, but the most common is Achilles tendonitis. Achilles tendonitis occurs when the Achilles tendon becomes inflamed. It can be caused by sudden increases in an exercise regimen, wearing worn out sneakers, not warming up the calf muscles before exercising, flat feet or over pronation, trauma, a short Achilles tendon, a heel bone deformity and discrepancies in leg lengths. Achilles tendinitis is another cause of Achilles tendon pain. Achilles tendinitis is a result of chronic degeneration of the Achilles tendon due to untreated Achilles tendonitis. More rare, but still a possible cause of Achilles tendon pain is rupture of the Achilles tendon. This can happen when there is excessive and sudden force exerted on the tendon and is extremely painful.

How is it prevented and treated? There are a variety of Treatments available for women with Achilles tendon pain. These include modifying or reducing activity levels, icing the tendon, physical therapy, preventing the tendon from moving around too much by wrapping the ankle or immobilizing it with a splint, medication and orthopedic insoles and orthotics, which can help correct foot misalignments or over pronation. Special Achilles tendinitis shoes for women that come with extra padding around the heel can also help reduce the pressure on the tendon when wearing shoes. For ruptures, surgery is usually required.