The Answer To Kimberly's Prayers, After Being Diagnosed With Plantar Fasciitis

Apr 05 2017 Tags: #Orthofeethero, #OrthofeetStory

Kimberly Williamson OrthoFeetStory
Read Kimberly Williamson's inspiring #OrthoFeetStory story: 

"About three years ago, I started having a lot of problems with my feet. I went to the podiatrist, who diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis/spur. Unfortunately, this diagnosis didn't do much to help relieve the constant foot pain I was experiencing. I invested hundreds of dollars in insoles. I tried the foot exercises. I tried ice packs. I tried taping my feet. Just went I thought I had tried everything, I went on the Internet and did a search for "plantar fasciitis shoes." And suddenly there was Orthofeet (thank God!!!)

I ordered the women's leather lace sneakers and prayed that would give my feet some relieve the pain I was having. The day they arrived, I anxiously headed home to try them on. The moment I put them on, I knew my prayers were answered. I promise these are the best wearing shoes ever!!!! Truly, the only thing that I have found that relieve my foot pain.

The best part is, every time I have called customer service or have talked with any of the staff they are so pleasant. Thanks for the great experience and the great shoes!!!!"
- Kimberly Williamson

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