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The Secret to Stylish orthopedic shoes

Nov 11 2017 Tags: orthopedic shoe, orthopedic shoe for women, orthopedic Shoes, orthopedic shoes for men, orthopedic shoes for women, Parkinson’s disease, stylish orthopedic shoe, stylish orthopedic shoe brands, stylish orthopedic shoes, stylish women’s orthopedic shoe, stylish women’s orthopedic shoes

“Orthopedic” and “stylish” aren’t normally two words that you hear in the same sentence. On the contrary, when we hear the words “orthopedic shoes”, the first image that pops into mind is bulky footwear. Orthopedic shoes are designed for people with conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, all of which require a design with a roomy toe box and extra depth for accommodating insoles and orthotics. These requirements make it challenging to design orthopedic shoes that are stylish, however, Orthofeet has found a way - yes, even for stylish women’s orthopedic shoes! How did we do it?...

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