After 20 Years Of Foot Pain, Steve Calfee Puts Orthofeet Shoes To The Test

BY Josh White / Mar 13, 2017

Best Shoes For Foot Pain | OrthofeetCongratulations Steve Calfee! 

Read his inspiring story: 

"I began having problems with my feet when I was 14 years old & they continued until now. They included metatarsal shifting, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, arch and heel pain, etc. For the past 20 years, I have worn orthotic inserts in every pair of shoes I own. I have spent hundreds of dollars on every supposed brand of shoes and inserts that claimed to solve my foot pain all to no avail. As an entertainer, I spend a lot of time on my feet, sometimes in one location when I do narrations.

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My foot pain continued to getting worse and worse. I came across the Orthofeet website and desperate for some relief, I ordered a pair of shoes. I wore them for the first time on a Tuesday and then the following Thursday through Monday. I could hardly believe the difference. With no additional inserts or orthotics, the OrthoFeet shoes felt like I was walking on a street paved with well-supported marsh-mellows. My toes had plenty of room. And the inside of the shoe was soft and comfortable, like walking barefoot on clouds.

After 20 years of foot pain, I cannot believe the difference these shoes have made. My foot pain is almost completely gone and getting better every day. I am 100% convinced and converted, and I will wear no other brand from now on. Thank you OrthoFeet from the bottom of my feet and the new and improved comfort level of the rest of my body too. You have changed my whole outlook on life!" -Steve Calfee

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