Gymbeaux Searches For Balance with Diabetic Neuropathy

BY Criteo User / May 08, 2017

Shoes For Balance with Diabetic Neuropathy | Orthofeet

Read Jim "Gymbeaux” Brown's #OrthoFeetStory:

"I reluctantly purchased a pair of the Monterey Bay tennis type shoes. I was reluctant because of the claims AND the cost. But the discomfort in my feet caused me to hit the "purchase" button. I immediately put them on and tried them with and without socks. The comfort level of the shoe was immediate. They ARE more comfortable than other tennis shoes I have worn and am wearing!

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I also have a balance issue that according to my doctor starts with the feet. If your feet hurt or if you have Diabetic Neuropathy such as I have, your balance WILL be an issue. The shoes have not, at least as yet, reduced the balance problem but when you feel better about your feet, it can't but help to eventually improve my balance issues as well. Only time will tell just how improved my overall health will be because of the shoes but initial feelings are good AND optimistic." - Jim "Gymbeaux” Brown

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