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4 Best Walking Sneakers for Overpronation of 2022

Medically reviewed by Dr. Josh White, DPM - Written by OrthoFeet Team on Jan 30 2022

I love to look at people’s feet, the types of shoes they wear, and the way they walk. Yup, I really like feet and think they are interesting! Specifically, I notice when someone’s feet turn inwards with each step they take. This is called overpronation. Since this is a condition, it obviously has implications and can lead to multiple issues in more than just your feet.

Foot Overpronation

Overpronation is a fancy word for the condition when your foot rolls inwards when you walk. Most aren’t even aware they have this and therefore don’t treat it. It can be easily identified just by looking at someone’s shoe. If the inner part of the sole is more worn down, they are overpronators.

Walking sneakers for overpronation provide support and cushioning for overpronation. By purchasing the right sneaker, you can avoid other injuries that limit your ability to stand, walk, or run.

Are you wondering what are the best sneakers for overpronation? Then keep reading on to learn more about the best sneaker selection for your type of foot.

Before diving into sneaker types for overpronated feet, it is important to address what this is in the first place. Maybe you don't even know that you have it.

Overpronation happens when you put your weight down on your foot and it collapses inward. Some people have a more significant inward roll than others. A popular term that is interchangeable with this is being flat-footed. When we are born, we have flat feet and only start to develop an arch later in life. However, as we age, our arch under the foot starts to collapse and it begins to flatten over time.

If you watch someone who is overpronated, the outer portion of the heel tends to strike the ground first. After the initial heel strike, the foot rolls inward and the arch collapses.

Symptoms of overpronation

Your feet are crucial to maintaining the health of other ligaments, muscles, and bones – basically the rest of your body! Having a condition at the feet, such as overpronation, can lead to other problems.

Overpronation stretches the tissues, tendons, and ligaments on the bottom of your foot. When your foot collapses inward, it changes the anatomy of your ankle, knee, and hip. When your feet are misaligned, everything else comes out of place. This puts you more at risk of having back pain, tendonitis, and ankle sprains.

Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis are two common diagnoses from overpronation. This makes it difficult to manage your day-to-day activities. It also significantly impedes any walking, standing, or running.

Runners could experience shin splints or patellofemoral syndrome with overpronation.

How can I tell if I overpronate?

The best diagnosis comes from a medical provider who can determine if you overpronate and also check to see whether it has already affected other parts of the body. But if you are curious before you book that appointment, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Look at your shoes. If the inner part of the sole is more worn down, you probably overpronate.
  2. Look at the imprint of your feet. If you see a complete imprint of your foot, then you have flat feet and probably overpronate.
  3. Visit a specialty shoe or running store that can assess your arch and gait.

Why you might need overpronation shoes

Overpronation is often confused with ‘flat feet’ and sometimes both can occur together, yet they are different. Flat feet occur when the arches of the feet have collapsed and are either very low or non-existent. Both foot conditions do however, make a person more susceptible to injuries. Overpronation interrupts the body’s natural alignment when the ankles roll inward too far and cause the knees and hips to misalign which can lead to back pain and other injuries, An important step in treating flat feet or overpronation is to wear overpronation shoes. There are many different types of over-pronation shoes including walking shoes for overpronation, dress shoes for overpronation, and overpronation running shoes. The objective of all these shoes is the same - to correct your foot motion and provide support. Without proper footwear, people who overpronate or have flat feet are more susceptible to the following types of injuries:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • ankle sprains
  • bunions
  • chronic lower back pain
  • heel pain and heel spurs
  • iliotibial band syndrome (a common knee injury)
  • instability
  • plantar fasciitis
  • runner’s knee
  • shin splints
  • strain on the big and little toes
  • stress fractures in the lower leg or foot

Features of Overpronation Shoes

One of the best things you can do for your feet is purchase shoes that support your overpronated foot. What distinguishes these shoes from standard ones?

These shoes are going to be designed with support built in to hold up the arch, prevent it from collapsing, which will keep the foot in a neutral position and aligned with the rest of the body. In other words, it will promote natural biomechanical movement when you walk.

Choosing the best sneakers for overpronation can make all the difference in your life!

Best Walking Sneakers for Overpronation

1. Women's Coral Stretch Knit

The women's Coral sneaker is no exception. Its design includes orthotic insoles, arch booster support, the Ortho-Cushion™ System, a padded interior, and removable spacers. The wide, round and high toe box creates extra space near the toes and is great for those with bone formations.

Additionally, the synthetic, lightweight material makes it a great shoe for high impact activities. Not only is it breathable and will circulate air within the shoe, but the stretch construction caters to any foot shape and will conform to a swollen foot, wide foot, or a foot that has bunions or hammertoes.

No matter your arch shape, this shoe comes with everything you need to achieve the level of support and pain relief for your overpronation. The included innovative arch booster allows you to enhance support and experience maximum comfort. Plus, you can easily customize the fit of the shoes with the two sets of spacers.

Coral is designed with a cloud like cushioning sole that combines air and foam technology to soften every step you take. We guarantee these will be your favorite pair of sneakers you will have on all day.

The women's Coral Stretch Knit shoe comes in a variety of options. Choose from 6 different colors that pair with practically any outfit, a lace or no tie option, as well as a blended wool upper that has unique properties to keep your feet temperature regulated and healthy.

But the best part is that Coral is available in 4 widths from narrow to extra wide!

For the men’s version, shop Lava.

2. Women's Verve Tie-Less

The women's Verve Tie-Less shoe design includes an adjustable heel strap that accommodates any foot size or shape. If you deal with pesky AFOs or braces, this is the ideal shoe. It is also fantastic if you have an uneven shaped foot with a heel that is narrow or wide. Just secure the grip and you’ll never deal with slippage or tightness.

It still sports laces, but the patented tie-less lace technology combines hidden Velcro tabs on either side of the shoe for easy on/off wear without having to every tie the laces. A feature that is beneficial for those of us who might have motoric issues in the hands and fingers or have difficulty bending down.

To keep your overpronation in check, the premium insole with anatomical shape arch supports the plantar fascia and prevents it from getting overworked and damaged.

The women's Verve Tie-Less shoe is available in cute feminine colors, and three different widths.

For the men’s version, shop Sprint.

3. Women's Francis No-Tie

Francis No-Tie marries technology, style and function for overpronated feet and those of us who are constantly on our feet or walking all day long. It was designed by a team of biomechanical engineers, pedorthists, and podiatrists to relieve foot, knee, hip, and back pain associated with foot and arch problems such as overpronation.

To start, the uniquely shaped insole placed within the shoe supports the arch in the correct location under the foot, which is a little further back in the foot, and properly aligns the body to prevent pain and injuries. The several layers of foam in the insole and within the sole of the shoe disperse shock and evenly distribute it along the foot and cushion it.

The flexible upper design is made with 360 stretch fabric which provides your foot breathability, pain relief, and a tailor made fit for your feet. These shoes will fit like a glove and are made to move with you.

The bungee lace closure is fully adjustable to secure or loosen around any instep, high or low, and gives you easy on/off wear for days on the go. The sole has been upgraded and is constructed of special rubber and an intricate tread design for increased traction and grip so that you can walk on any type of surface.

If you want to know about the best walking shoes for overpronation, don't neglect this one. The Francis No-Tie shoe comes in a navy blue color with three different width sizes.

For the men’s version, shop Lava No-Tie in black.

4. Women's Whitney

If you are looking for increased durability, an easy to clean shoe and a style that works well for the colder weather months, Whiney is ideal. It’s simple, classic design in black or white color options make it a great shoe for any type of wardrobe. But what I’s sure you’re more interested in is how it provides pain relief for overpronated feet.

The state-of-the-art footwear technology along with the advanced foot biomechanics of this shoe work wonders to provide the optimal level of arch support and help prevent the foot from excessively rolling inwards. They are firm, stable and have a solid heel counter to control heel motion.

Additionally, the Whitney upper design eliminates tight straps or overlays in the forefoot area, ideal for those who have bunions or hammertoes. All the stitching or overlays are superficial and appear only on the outside of the shoe, without adding extra pressure on painful areas.

Whitney comes in four different width sizes to accommodate any foot size.

Shop Whitney

Pacific Palisades is the men’s version of Whitney. Recently updated, the black color has additional features that make it even better. The upper is waterproof and the sole is more durable for extra grip.

Shop Pacific Palisades for men.


Walking Sneakers for Overpronation


Have you struggled with finding walking sneakers for overpronation? You are not alone. Many people suffer from overpronated feet that cause a variety of other issues.

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