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As a leader in specialty footwear, Orthofeet monitors the latest news in the areas important to our customers, including advancements in preventative diabetes care and overall diabetes education. From time to time, Orthofeet also issues press releases on corporate announcements, new products and industry perspectives. See below for important industry news and press releases from our archive:

Industry News:


Prescription Footwear Underused for Foot Ulcer Prevention
January 23, 2013

Foot Ulcers Tied to Increased Death Risk for People with Diabetes
U.S. News & World Report
October 25, 2012

CDC: Big Drop in Diabetes Amputations (WebMD.com)
January 24, 2012

Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Surgeons Urge Diabetics to Perform Daily Foot Checks (American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society)
November 15, 2011

One in 10 Adults to Have Diabetes by 2030 as Cases Surge 90%, Report Says (Bloomberg News)
November 14, 2011


Corporate News:

Orthofeet Partners with American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) To Promote Foot Health and Mobility
January 14, 2014

Industry Experts Applaud New Research Validating Role of Shoe Inserts in Reducing Diabetes-Related Amputations
Orthofeet Praises Growing Body of Foot Health Research for Diabetes Community 
February 21, 2013

Orthofeet Launches Consumer Information & eCommerce Website
Orthofeet.com Offers Online Purchase of Premium Therapeutic & Diabetic Shoes, Plus Educational Tools on Foot Health and Comfort Footwear
October 4, 2012
Orthofeet To Exhibit Biomechanically Designed Footwear At The American Diabetes Association 72nd Scientific Sessions
Premium Brand to Continue Educating Diabetes Community On the Importance of Therapeutic Footwear in Managing Foot Health
June 7, 2012
Orthofeet Announces New Executive Hires in Manufacturing and Pedorthic Education
March 8, 2012
Therapeutic Shoes and Diligent Foot Care Contribute to 65% Decline in Diabetes-Related Amputations
New Government Study Highlights Improved Management of Risk Factors
January 30, 2012

Orthofeet Expands Sales and Operations Management
Executive Team Poised for Corporate Growth
November 14, 2011

Orthofeet Previews Two Footwear Styles at Medtrade Expo
October 25, 2011